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 March 10, 2023

Former executive assistant to President Joe Biden Kathy Chung will interview with House Oversight Committee on classified documents scandal

Kathy Chung, former executive assistant to President Joe Biden, will submit to an interview with the House Oversight Committee on April 4, Breitbart reported. Chung is being called as a witness in the investigations into the president's classified document scandals and his family's shady business deals.

Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to incriminating evidence. The president's son had hired Chung and maintained close ties to her, as evidenced by emails on the "laptop from Hell."

"Thanks for calling and thinking of me," Chung said in response to an email to Hunter Biden on May 14, 2012. "After the initial shock of taking in what you said…how could I pass up an opportunity to work for the Vice President of the United State!!!!"

At the time, Joe Biden was serving as vice president to Barack Obama."I do have a few questions … Do you know the salary? Again, thanks for thinking of me," Chung added.

"Call if/when you want me to tell Dad you are interested and I’m sure Michele would also want to talk to you at some point," Hunter replied to her. "I don’t know who else they were considering but I thought you would be great."

The lovefest would continue in another email on June 13, 2012, from Chung to Hunter Biden."I cannot thank you enough for thinking about me and walking me thru this. What an incredible opportunity! Thanks, Hunter!!"

The pair remained close, and it seemed Chung was the point person for all of Hunter Biden's now-suspicious endeavors. She set up meetings with Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, and other business contacts in China.

Chung also was in communication with former University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, which figures into Joe Biden's latest scandal. Joe Biden was found to have stored mishandled classified documents at the Penn Biden Center, the think tank hosted by UPenn.

With a hand in every aspect of the Bidens' scandals, the administration has been quick to blame Chung for the classified documents. She was supposedly the one in charge of packing and shipping the documents.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Come (R-KY) said Chung "had keycard access to Penn Biden Center" in a letter on Feb. 4 asking her for a transcribed interview, Fox News reported. "Recent reporting indicates in January 2017 you—while serving as then-Vice President Biden’s executive assistant—helped pack up the departing Vice President’s office," Comer's letter stated.

"The Committee believes your proximity to Vice President Biden and role as handler of his personal matters gave you access not only to classified material he maintained after leaving the White House, but also to the Biden family’s business schemes." Chung also has troubling ties to another Biden associate, Eric Schwerin.

The Rosemont Seneca attorney and Biden family consigliere had offered Chung a job and looped her in on at least one meeting with Joe Biden at the White House. It seems both Chung and Schwerin were considered expendable as the walls closed in on investigations.

According to text messages found on Hunter Biden's laptop, the younger Biden was ready to throw Schwerin under the bus in 2019 as their relationship soured. The House Oversight Committee has since asked Schwerin for documents pertaining to the nine investigations currently underway as well.

It's difficult to predict what, if anything, will be the final nail in the coffin for the Biden family. With so many concurrent investigations and scandals, any one of them could be enough to sink the president, his son, and everyone else included in their schemes.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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