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By Mae Slater on
 February 14, 2024

Former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski confirms Joe Biden was the head of family business

In a dramatic turn of events, Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of the Biden family, has come forward with serious allegations.

The New York Post reported that Bobulinski accused President Joe Biden of corruption, linking him to the family's business dealings with CEFC China Energy, based on conversations in 2017 and earlier dealings beginning in 2015.

Bobulinski, a former Navy officer, made these accusations during his opening statement at a House impeachment inquiry deposition. His involvement with the Biden family, specifically with Hunter Biden and James Biden, centered around a venture with CEFC China Energy, a company with ties to the Chinese government.

Conversations with a President

The discussions Bobulinski had with Joe Biden allegedly took place in May 2017, just after Biden's term as vice president had concluded. This timeline suggests that the dealings were not only recent but also occurred during a sensitive period, shortly after Biden transitioned from public office to private life.

These allegations are not without corroboration. Another former associate of the Biden family, Rob Walker, testified on January 26 that the Biden family's business dealings with CEFC began as early as 2015. This was during the time Joe Biden served as vice president, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

Meetings and Disappearances

Walker's testimony also highlighted a meeting between Joe Biden and CEFC chairman Ye Jianming in early 2017. This meeting further implicates the former vice president in the ongoing investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

Ye Jianming's current status adds a mysterious element to the story. He has disappeared in China amid allegations of corruption, raising questions about the nature of the business dealings and the people involved.

Bobulinski's statement, “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period,” underscores the seriousness of the allegations. This direct quote from Bobulinski emphasizes the central role Joe Biden allegedly played in the family's business dealings.

The Scope of Allegations

Bobulinski's accusations stem from his firsthand experiences with the Biden family, particularly his conversations with Joe Biden about CEFC China Energy. These discussions, he claims, took place twice in May 2017, shedding light on the depth of Biden's involvement.

The implications of these allegations are far-reaching, not only for President Biden but also for the integrity of American political institutions. The inquiry into these accusations reflects the gravity of the situation and the potential impact on national and international politics.

As the House impeachment inquiry progresses, the testimonies of Bobulinski and Walker will play crucial roles in understanding the nature of the Biden family's business dealings with CEFC China Energy.

A Tangled Web of Business and Politics

The involvement of CEFC China Energy, a company with connections to the Chinese government, adds an international dimension to the controversy. The timing of the dealings, overlapping with Joe Biden's vice presidency and immediate post-vice presidency period, raises questions about the intersection of business and politics.

The disappearance of Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy, amid corruption allegations in China, complicates the narrative.

The testimonies and allegations put forth by Bobulinski and Walker suggest a pattern of behavior and a level of involvement by the Biden family that merits further investigation. The ongoing House impeachment inquiry is tasked with unraveling these complexities and determining the extent of any wrongdoing.

Unraveling the Truth

The House impeachment inquiry into the allegations made by Tony Bobulinski is a critical moment in American politics. It represents an effort to clarify the nature of the Biden family's business dealings and the role of the president in those dealings.

As the inquiry unfolds, the testimonies of Bobulinski and Walker will be instrumental in painting a fuller picture of the situation. Their accounts provide valuable insights into the operations of the Biden family's business ventures and their connections to CEFC China Energy.

The implications of these allegations for Joe Biden's presidency and the political landscape at large cannot be overstated. The inquiry not only seeks to uncover the truth behind the accusations but also to uphold the principles of accountability and transparency that are fundamental to democratic governance.

Implications for Governance and Trust

The unfolding narrative around the Biden family's business dealings with CEFC China Energy raises pivotal questions about governance, ethical standards, and the influence of foreign entities on American political figures. These allegations, if proven, could have profound implications for public trust in elected officials and the mechanisms of accountability that underpin the American political system.

The focus on Joe Biden's interactions with CEFC China Energy, particularly during and after his tenure as vice president, highlights the delicate balance between personal business interests and public duty. The scrutiny of these interactions is essential for maintaining the integrity of the office and ensuring that public officials serve the national interest above all else.

Looking Forward: The Inquiry's Path

The path of the House impeachment inquiry is fraught with challenges and uncertainties. As investigators delve deeper into the complex web of allegations, the process must remain transparent and adhere to the highest standards of fairness and justice. The outcome of this inquiry will not only affect the individuals involved but also set precedents for future conduct in public office.

Amidst these proceedings, the American public watches closely, aware of the stakes involved. The resolution of this inquiry will have lasting implications for the political climate, potentially influencing public perception and trust in governance for years to come.

As this story continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and accountability in public life. The allegations against President Joe Biden and his family's business dealings with CEFC China Energy have ignited a significant investigation, the repercussions of which may echo far beyond the immediate political moment.

  • Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Biden family, accused President Biden of corruption related to the family's dealings with CEFC China Energy.
  • Bobulinski's allegations include conversations with Joe Biden about CEFC China Energy in May 2017, implicating the president in the family's business ventures.
  • Rob Walker, another associate, corroborated the timeline of the Biden family's dealings with CEFC, tracing them back to 2015 during Biden's vice-presidential term.
  • The involvement of CEFC China Energy, a company linked to the Chinese government, and the disappearance of its chairman Ye Jianming amid corruption allegations add layers of complexity to the narrative.
  • The House impeachment inquiry into these allegations aims to uncover the truth and assess the impact of these dealings on national and international politics.
Written By:
Mae Slater

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