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 October 11, 2023

FOIA lawsuit reveals tens of thousands of emails between VP Biden's office and businesses of son Hunter and brother James

Up until only just recently, President Joe Biden often and repeatedly proclaimed that he had no knowledge of or involvement in his son Hunter Biden's dubious foreign business dealings and increasingly apparent corrupt influence-peddling.

While the oft-repeated claim has already been shown to be untrue, it was thoroughly destroyed by the interim findings of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that exposed more than 20,000 emails exchanged between then-Vice President Biden's office and Hunter Biden or his investment firm, according to the Daily Caller.

The president has also repeatedly denied any connections to the business dealings of his brother, James Biden, but the lawsuit has also uncovered more than 5,000 emails exchanged between former VP Biden's office and his brother or his brother's company.

Biden's VP office exposed for communications with son's and brother's businesses

In 2022, the America First Legal Foundation filed a FOIA lawsuit against the National Archives and Records Administration in search of any documents related to the former vice president's office and the business dealings of his son Hunter and brother James.

While settlement of that suit remains ongoing with an absurdly low monthly production rate of documents responsive to the request, the two involved parties, AFL and NARA, released a joint status report last week that made note of what had been uncovered thus far by NARA in its search.

In response to the request, "NARA has found 4,243 emails to/from Hunter Biden; 19,335 emails to/from the domains and; 1,751 emails to/from Jim Biden; and 3,738 emails to/from the domain"

The Daily Caller pointed out that Rosemont Seneca was an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden while the Lion Hall Group was a business consulting company run by James Biden.

FOIA lawsuit uncovers "damning numbers" of communications

In sharing the revelations of the joint status report on social media, America First Legal Foundation said, "These damning numbers further confirm that there was never a wall separating the Office of the Vice President and Hunter Biden’s business endeavors. In fact, there was extensive commingling between them."

The "damning numbers" uncovered by AFL's FOIA lawsuit were further shared by the House Oversight Committee, which is conducting its own investigation of the Biden family's business dealings and alleged influence-peddling, including the recent issuing of subpoenas for the bank records, both personal and business, of both Hunter Biden and James Biden.

"Presidential Candidate Joe Biden promised there would be an 'absolute wall' between his work as an elected official and his family’s 'business.' That doesn’t match his track record," the committee posted. "New info from the National Archives shows that Biden’s VP Office emailed with his son Hunter, his brother Jim, and both of their 'businesses' OVER 29,000 TIMES."

Revelation proves dishonesty of Biden's prior claims

The Federalist reported that it still remains unclear what, exactly, the content of those nearly 30,000 emails between former VP Biden's office and his son and brother and their businesses, as due to the aforementioned slow pace of NARA in producing those documents -- as few as 1,250 per month -- it was estimated that it would take upwards of 15 additional months to properly sort and scrutinize said documents for redactable information prior to public release.

However, regardless of the specific content of those emails -- and the report indicated that there are likely even tens of thousands more responsive documents in a batch that has yet to be reviewed at all -- they nonetheless expose the utter falsity of then-candidate, now-President Biden's previously oft-repeated insistence that he never discussed business with members of his family.

Instead, as these records make clear, the former vice president's office was in near-constant contact with Biden's son and brother and their respective businesses, which have been directly tied through multiple financial transactions with communist China and numerous other foreign nations, individuals, and entities.

Indeed, the Oversight Committee has already revealed that the Biden family, through a dizzying array of LLCs and shell companies, received at least more than $24 million collectively from around a half-dozen foreign nationals and businesses, per the Daily Caller, with likely even more to be uncovered once the subpoenaed bank records are received and thoroughly reviewed by House investigators.

Written By:
Benjamin Clark

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