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By Mae Slater on
 April 21, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden Launches Campaign To Rally Educators, Joe Biden Continues To Be Largely Absent From Campaign Trail

First Lady Jill Biden is spearheading "Educators for Biden-Harris," a new initiative to rally educational professionals and parents in support of President Joe Biden's reelection.

ABC News reported that Jill Biden visited Bloomington, Minnesota, this Friday, where she announced the "Educators for Biden-Harris" campaign at the Education Minnesota Convention. The campaign seeks to mobilize a broad coalition of educators, school staff, and parents ahead of the upcoming election.

During her address, the First Lady, leveraging her three decades of teaching experience, highlighted the claimed achievements under her husband's administration, particularly in areas impacting public education and community welfare.

It's worth noting that this is yet another event that Jill Biden has headlined while Joe Biden remains suspiciously absent from the campaign trail. In fact, tracking Jill Biden's appearances, it almost looks like she is the one campaigning to be president, not her husband.

The Role of "America's First Teacher"

Jill Biden, often referred to as "America's First Teacher," has been an English professor at Virginia Community College since 2009. Even during her tenure as the Second Lady, she continued to teach, bringing real-world classroom experience to her advocacy and policy initiatives.

At the convention, she portrayed President Biden as "the education president," underscoring his dedication to the nation's educators and students. She detailed his accomplishments, including the safe reopening of schools amidst the pandemic, enhancements in student mental health services, and significant gun safety legislation.

Her speech was not just an appeal for support but a pointed critique of former President Donald Trump's education policies, which included proposals to eliminate the Department of Education and reduce public education funding.

National Support from Education Leaders

Leaders of prominent education unions, such as the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), were present at the launch. They reiterated their support for the Biden administration, reflecting on the heavy turnout and support from their members in the 2020 elections.

These organizations are instrumental in the "Educators for Biden-Harris" campaign, aiding with grassroots efforts like door-to-door canvassing, organizing phone and text banks, and coordinating back-to-school events designed to inform and engage voters.

NEA has also developed tools like a candidate comparison guide and a "Biden-Harris Public Education Quiz" to help voters understand the stark contrasts between the current administration's policies and those proposed by Trump.

Expanding the Campaign Nationwide

Following the successful launch in Minnesota, the campaign is scheduled to extend its reach to other critical areas across the nation. Upcoming events are planned in cities like Las Vegas, Reno, Concord, and Lansing.

The strategic focus will be on battleground states, crucial for securing a win in the upcoming elections. Each event is designed to galvanize local educators and harness their collective influence to advocate for continued progress in education policy.

Jill Biden's speeches at these events will likely echo the sentiments she shared in Minnesota, emphasizing the need for a leader who understands and supports the educational community.

Jill Biden's Call to Action for Educators

In her speech, Jill Biden delivered a powerful message to educators, highlighting the everyday challenges they face and the extraordinary dedication they bring to their roles. "You deserve a president who recognizes your service," she said, drawing attention to the often-overlooked aspects of educational work.

She described the integral role educators play, from early morning bus routes to the after-school care they provide. "Who understands that the work doesn't end when the afternoon bell rings each day," she noted, articulating the broad scope of educators' commitments.

"That person is my husband, Joe Biden. He knows what educators go through every day. He respects us. He empowers us. And he's never going to stop fighting for us," she concluded, reinforcing her husband's ongoing commitment to the education sector.

Conclusion: A United Front for Education

The "Educators for Biden-Harris" campaign marks a significant effort by the First Lady to consolidate support among educators, school staff, and parents. It highlights the achievements of the Biden administration in the realm of public education and sets a distinct contrast with the previous administration's policies.

With a series of nationwide events and the backing of major educational unions, the campaign aims to create a strong, informed voter base ready to support President Biden's bid for re-election, motivated by a shared commitment to enhancing and protecting public education in America.

Written By:
Mae Slater

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