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 October 10, 2022

Fetterman admitted that convicted murderers he pardons might kill once again

John Fetterman (D), the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and Democratic Senate candidate, has been exposed as what appears to be a pro-crime, radical progressive.

According to Breitbart, Fetterman admitted that in his position as a member of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, killers that he votes to let out of prison always have the chance at committing the same violent crimes, but Fetterman doesn't really seem to give a rip. 

That admission came about in a 2019 interview with a local Fox affiliate. Reporter Grace Griffaton questioned Fetterman at the time about his thoughts on redemption and second chances, and Fetterman didn't hesitate to lean toward handing out second chances like candy at Halloween.

"Some ask, why give someone convicted of second-degree murder a second chance? This morning, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman gave us his input and why he believes some prisoners are worthy of redemption," Griffaton said in her report.

She added: "People on the opposite side of the spectrum are like 'Well, what happens if one of them gets out and does something horribly wrong?"

Fetterman's response was telling: "It would be, it would be — first and foremost, it would be catastrophic and personally devastating if somebody hurt somebody. There's always that possibility, theoretically. Thousands of people are paroled, so the vast majority of inmates cycle through and they re-emerge. So the idea that this is only unique to the commutations process, it's just simply not true."

The admission isn't surprising for those who've kept track of Fetterman. To say he's soft on crime and pro-criminal is an understatement.

As Breitbart noted, here's just one sliver of evidence of that:

Fetterman has said his number one priority is ending Pennsylvania’s law that allows courts to sentence convicted criminals to life in prison without parole. In 2021, he advocated for eliminating the state’s mandatory life without parole sentence for suspects convicted of second-degree murder.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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