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 December 11, 2022

FBI caught using 'secret powers' to force Americans to waive gun rights

The FBI already had a brewing optics problem, and the Washington Examiner just uncovered even more disturbing actions by what was once the most respected, admired law enforcement agency in the world. 

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the FBI had provided waivers to American citizens that legally waived any rights they had to own, use, or purchase firearms. It's unclear who received and signed such forms, but it's happened several times across three states. Sadly, more Americans have fell victim to this bizarre scheme.

New documents obtained by the Examiner show that at least eight additional Americans have signed such forms.

Several high-profile GOP lawmakers intervened earlier this year when it was first reported that such a practice had taken place.

Cracking down

While the news is beyond concerning, if not downright scary, luckily, Republicans have already set their sights on the issue for when they assume majority control in January.

"Americans can't simply sign their constitutional rights away, even to the FBI," Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX).

Cloud added, "As Republicans enter a House majority, we must use our investigative power to put a check on federal agencies who have proven to be eager and willing to crack down on Americans' right to keep and bear arms."

The Examiner added: "Through the forms, the FBI asked signatories to identify as a "danger" to themselves or others or lacking the "mental capacity adequately to contract or manage" their lives. The forms were presented by the FBI to people at their homes and in other undisclosed locations beginning in at least 2016 and until December 2019, when the FBI claims it was discontinued."

Clearly, the FBI lied, as it doesn't appear as if they've stopped the process.

Illegal forms?

Questions have now been raised as to whether or not the forms are even legal, and it looks like they're not, as the Examiner said the form creation did not "move through the process mandated under federal law for government agencies to receive approval from the Office of Management and Budget before obtaining information from the public.":

Not surprisingly, the forms that were requested were heavily redacted, leaving little in the way of valuable information, aside from date stamps on six of the forms that contained dates between March 2018 and April 2019.

"We thank Ms. Greene and all the members who joined her in demanding answers for this damning breach of the public trust, and we look forward to assisting in any possible way as investigations into this matter develop in Congress," said Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America (GOA), a gun rights group.

Hopefully, Republicans will pursue this aggressively, as this simply can't happen in the United States, according to the U.S. Constitution.


Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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