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 November 25, 2022

Elon Musk finds a stockpile of 'stay woke' shirts in a Titter HQ closet

Fox News reports that Elon Musk just released a video showing a discovery that he recently made of a closet at Twitter headquarters that is full of "stay woke" t-shirts. 

The video begins with someone off-camera holding up a black t-shirt with the words "#Stay Woke" on it. Then, the camera is turned to a closet of shelves that are filled with these black shirts. There are blue t-shirts there as well, presumably with the same writing on them.

As this is happening, Musk says, "here we are at the merch . . . and there's an entire closet full of hashtag woke t-shirts." The person who is off-camera calls the closet a "secret closet."

It is well-known that Musk is no fan of "wokeness."

Back in April, for example, Musk responded to news that Netflix had lost significant shares by tweeting, "the woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable."

This is just one of many tweets in which Musk has been critical of "wokeness." And so, it's probably safe to guess where it is that Musk will be taking the "#Stay Woke" t-shirts that he found in Twitter's "secret closet."

To many, Musk's discovery of these "#StayWoke" t-shirts is more proof of the type of place that Twitter was before Musk took the company over. The video Musk posted, on the other hand, is more proof that Musk is moving to cure the company of its liberal bias.

It hasn't been all plain sailing for Musk, though. He has faced significant pushback from the political left. Many, for example, responded to Musk's video of Twitter's "secret closet" by attempting to admonish Musk for not being woke.

One user wrote, "Wow! You are really showing your true colors Elon. Woke is empathy and understanding of injustices, racism, and the LGBTQ community. You are obviously lacking in those social areas."

There were plenty of other users, however, who hit back in defense of Musk, whom they encouraged to dispose of the t-shirts in various ways.

Musk has followed up by posting a tweet of his own that shows a picture of a black t-shirt with "#Stay @ Work" on it.

Written By:
Oliver Winters

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