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 May 3, 2023

Donald Trump's steel tariffs remain in place after Supreme Court victory

Former President Donald Trump's tariffs on steel will remain in place after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of keeping them, the Conservative Brief reported.  The high court refused to hear the challenge from USP Holdings as did a lower court.

While the industry objected to them, President Joe Biden's administration did not wish to rescind the tariffs. "The Biden administration understands that simply lifting steel tariffs without any solution in place, particularly beyond the dialogue, could well mean layoffs and plant closures in Pennsylvania and in Ohio and other states where obviously the impact would be felt not only economically but politically," Alliance for American Manufacturing president Scott Paul said.

The Trump administration had imposed the tariffs and other restrictions on the basis that the Trade Act of 1962 permitted it. The provision allows for the president to take such actions if the goods are necessary to America's national security interests.

Since steel is required to manufacture war materials, airplanes, and ships, Trump was within his power to do so. The hope was to force companies and contractors to favor U.S. steel over foreign metal.

The Supreme Court apparently had no objection to this rationale despite the case brought by USP Holdings. There was no dissent and the decision came without explanation.

While the Biden administration has kept the tariffs, it has railed against another Trump-era rule. The fight against Title 42 immigration rule, which allowed the U.S. to turn away illegal immigrants due to COVID-19 public health concerns, has been ongoing, Politico reported.

Biden sought to cancel the rule as soon as it could after taking office. That attempt was met with several legal challenges but was allowed to stay in place as the matter was litigated.

Republicans have objected to Biden's hasty and ill-conceived strategy at a time when the nation's resources for illegal immigrants are stretched to their breaking point. They ultimately succeeded in keeping it in place until its expiration this month, Fox Business News reported.

The GOP is warning that its abrupt end is likely to encourage a renewed influx of illegal immigrants. "We write today to implore you to reverse your decision to end the Title 42 public health order, set to expire on May 11," Republican senators, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham, said in a letter.

"According to the Department of Homeland Security’s own estimates, border surges in response to the termination of the Title 42 order could reach 13,000 encounters with illegal immigrants a day," the letter says. "This is untenable and will exacerbate what is already a national security and humanitarian disaster on our southern border," they added.

Title 42 went into effect in March 2020 to allow for the expedited process to expel migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been useful in keeping millions of newcomers from entering.

Now that it's ending, the administration's official line has been to warn would-be illegal immigrants not to see it as an invitation. At the same time, they're preparing by setting up satellite processing centers in Latin American nations to deal with the onslaught.

They've also agreed to send 1,500 troops to the border to process all of the expected people who will flock to the border. Still, it doesn't seem Biden is at all interested in limiting the number of migrants entering the U.S.

Biden has overturned as many of Trump's policies as he's been able to in his short tenure. At least one commonsense America first-policy will stand within the steel industry.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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