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 March 15, 2024

Donald Trump will likely prioritize withdrawing U.S. from Paris Climate Deal in 2nd term

Former President Donald Trump has yet to step back into the White House but his allies are already making plans for his presumptive second term.

Trump's allies are working on a plan to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement and make it harder for a future Democratic president to rejoin it. 

The plan is simple and the biggest hurdle will be Trump winning the presidential election this November.

Once he regains the White House, Trump can withdraw the United States from the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, which would require no input from Congress.

What would require Congress's approval would be rejoining the agreement once Trump leaves it. If a future Democrat President wants to rejoin, they would have to get the approval of two-thirds of Congress, a truly Herculean feat.

No more climate deals

Republicans have already drawn up a 920-page policy roadmap for the next Republican to win the White House, which based on the most recent polling, will be Donald Trump.

President Joe Biden is incredibly unpopular and has failed Americans from his economic policies to his foreign policy. Pulling America out of restrictive agreements designed to handicap America will be an instant win for Trump.

Mandy Gunasekara, who served as chief of staff in the Trump EPA, stated that Trump's people are working on ideas that will be longer lasting and more difficult for the next administration to immediately reverse.

Gunasekara stated that ripping up the framework of America's environmental agreements "would certainly be on the table."

The Paris Agreement calls on countries to set targets for cutting their pollution and for wealthier countries like the United States to finance poorer countries.

Essentially the United States has to spend money on cutting back on emissions while also paying poor countries who are the source of the most pollution.

America First

The Paris Agreement is exactly the kind of leftist policy that puts Americans last and sends our taxpayer dollars to other countries. There are bigger issues in the United States and we cannot afford to be paying for leftist pet projects like the Paris Agreement.

Gunasekara further argued that Trump could withdraw from the UNFCCC  if he is "looking for a more permanent response to getting out of bad deals for the American economy that do little to actually improve the environment."

No doubt Trump will be very interested in that, assuming he holds his lead and crushes Biden in November.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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