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 January 29, 2023

Donald Trump unveils plan to 'drain the swamp'

The Washington Examiner reports that former President Donald Trump, if elected U.S. president in 2024, is putting together a plan to "drain the swamp." 

The swamp, of course, is the Washington D.C. establishment, which Trump and many others have accused of corruption - of working for their own interests and against the interests of America and the American people.

One part of Trump's plan, according to the Examiner, is an executive order that would allow "for the instant firing of federal workers, ending their near job-for-life status."

The Examiner goes on to quote "a federal worker union official," as saying that Trump's plan - the executive order - "would strip any official who has anything to do with policy of any real career protections or due process."

"Government employees could essentially be fired at will or even on a whim," the union official added.

Trump had plans to significantly change the federal employee hiring and firing process during his first term in office. Trump - a businessman - was looking to implement a hiring and firing process that more closely resembles that of the corporate world rather than the bureaucratic world of the federal government.

But, Trump was mostly unable to accomplish this during his first term as he faced stiff resistance from federal worker unions.

Trump, though, has been working with his team to ensure that if he does get a second chance at running the country things will be different.

Back in July, Axios reported:

Trump allies are working on plans that would potentially strip layers at the Justice Department — including the FBI, and reaching into national security, intelligence, the State Department and the Pentagon, sources close to the former president say.

The outlet goes on to report that "the heart of the plan is derived from an executive order known as 'Schedule F,' which Axios says was "developed and refined in secret over most of the second half of Trump’s term and launched 13 days before the 2020 election."

Axios reports that "well-funded groups are already developing lists of candidates selected often for their animus against the system — in line with Trump’s long-running obsession with draining “the swamp.”

It is estimated that, under Trump's plan, some 50,000 employees could face immediate termination.

It is no coincidence that, upon taking the Oval Office, President Joe Biden - a member of the D.C. establishment - quickly rescinded Trump's executive order.

But, this all sounds like a pretty good reason to support Trump's 2024 candidacy. You don't hear such a plan coming from anyone else - and, most of us will likely agree that the federal government could use such a makeover.

Written By:
Oliver Winters

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