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 March 31, 2024

Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for Americans being held hostage in Afghanistan

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden for letting Americans be held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

It's well documented how President Joe Biden botched the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2021 but the consequences of that disaster are still ongoing.

Trump has made that failing a part of his campaign as he works to persuade voters that he will do a better job on foreign policy than President Biden has done over the past four years.

In a video that his campaign released last week, Trump stated "We have many American people still living in Afghanistan, probably as hostages," living under the heel of the Taliban, an organization that is no friend of Americans.

However, those claims invited pushback from the two senior Biden administration national security officials who claimed that there are only two hostages left in Afghanistan.

Biden negotiating

President Biden is reportedly negotiating for the release of the two hostages and all the other Americans who are in Afghanistan are reportedly there of their own volition.

One official told NBC News "Every American who wanted to leave has left. In fact, we didn’t leave a single person behind. And we are also getting Afghan allies out every month."

Leave it to national security officials working in the White House to blatantly contradict themselves. The Biden administration didn't leave "a single person behind" in 2021 but also the administration is extracting people "every month."

Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for Trump, responded to the claims made by Biden's officials saying, "President Trump is absolutely right to call out Joe Biden for his betrayal of Americans in Afghanistan. Biden’s calamitous withdrawal left hundreds, if not thousands, of citizens behind and led to the tragic deaths of 13 U.S. Service Members at Abbey Gate."

Apparently, the Biden administration thought that a friendly interview on NBC News where they wouldn't be challenged would be all they needed to refute Trump's arguments.

Unfortunately for Biden, the era of faceless U.S. Government officials being seen as trustworthy is over. The evacuation of Afghanistan was an unmitigated disaster and much of that can be laid at Biden's feet.

Revisiting the past

The most devastating part of the evacuation came when terrorists detonated a bomb at Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport killing 13 American service members and countless civilians.

This attack only succeeded because of the chaotic nature of the evacuation caused by the Biden administration's poor planning.

Leavitt addressed this saying, "Now the Taliban has regained control of the country using billions of dollars of our military equipment, and radical terrorists are emboldened across the entire region."

Biden is responsible for all of that and Trump is working to remind the American public of those devastating failures ahead of the 2024 presidential election in November.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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