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 February 9, 2024

DOJ report reveals Joe Biden considered resigning as Obama's Vice President in 2009

Special Counsel Robert Hur's report on President Biden's mishandling of classified documents unveiled some shocking details about Biden's past.

During the investigation, Hur discovered that Biden planned to resign "in protest" over former President Barack Obama's Afghanistan policies in 2009 which Biden believed would lead to "another Vietnam."

Ironically, it would be Biden that eventually oversaw the withdrawal from Afghanistan that ended in disaster.

Biden was correct in fearing that Afghanistan would become America's modern Vietnam but it's hard to imagine that he would predict it being his fault.

The Afghanistan disaster aside, the discovery that Biden was considering a protest resignation is an incredible one. While he ultimately didn't go through with his plan, it reveals a lot about the Obama administration's early days.

Protest resignation

Hur's investigation was centered on classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, but also included other sensitive national security and foreign policy records.

Hur explained that the information Biden had mishandled could implicate and compromise "sensitive intelligence sources and methods."

The revelation about Biden's planned protest resignation was discovered in Biden's "Af/Pak" notebook he used to take notes during a number of National Security Council meetings on Afghanistan in 2009 while serving as Vice President.

Biden wrote, "Tomorrow the President is going to make a fateful decision regarding Afghanistan - as I sat looking out the window at the sea - thinking I should resign in protest over what will bring his administration down."

This fifteen year old journal entry gives the reader a look at a much younger and more lucid Biden who was concerned about his bosses decisions.

Biden continued in the entry saying, "Although I obviously wasn't there I feel like this is what it must have felt like for Kennedy then Johnson in the early days of VTN [Vietnam]. I feel guilty and boxed in myself. Guilty for not having been more successful w/ the President - and staying. Boxed in by knowing or at least feeling that my resignation would only harden his position and leave him with one less voice."

Biden not fit for office

These events were a staggering 15 years ago and Biden is far from what he was when he was considering the impacts of Obama's decisions in Afghanistan. Fast forward and it was Biden's weakness, including his declining health, that led to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The only reason we know any of this in the first place is because Biden was both so careless and so senile that he literally left classified documents lying around his residences.

In fact, Hur argued that he declined to bring charges against Biden for mishandling classified documents because of his advanced age and frail health. Biden wanted to resign in protest of a bad decision by his boss and now he has the opportunity to resign because he is unfit for office.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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