Sarah May
January 30, 2023
11:45 pm

Dick Morris: Classified documents scandal 'the end' of Biden reelection prospects

Though President Joe Biden continues to assert that “there's no there there” when it comes to his deepening classified document scandal, former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris has a dramatically different take, suggesting on Sunday that the debacle will be “the absolute end” for his reelection hopes, as the New York Post reports.

Morris' musings came during an appearance on WABC radio program The Cats Roundtable hosted by John Catsimatidis.

In Morris' estimation, the recent discoveries of classified materials at Biden's Wilmington, Delaware home and at a Washington office of his University of Pennsylvania-affiliated think tank taken together with escalating congressional probes into first son Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings amount to a death knell for his 2024 campaign.

The former Clinton insider asserted that some of the documents located at Biden's residence were from time periods when Hunter was said to be staying at the home and posited that other sensitive information found was temporally linked to the disgraced offspring's highly controversial stint on the board of Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma Holdings.

With the potential for even more links to be made between the secreted materials on Biden's premises and Hunter's questionable foreign profiteering, says Morris, the prospects for a second term are looking grim and will likely only get worse as additional revelations emerge.

Morris cited recent poll numbers showing Biden at just 25% support among voters, a metric he characterized as virtually irredeemable for a candidate running for reelection.

“When Biden as president can't get more than 25% of the primary vote in his own party, that's near death. He's so incredibly vulnerable,” Morris said. “You'd think he'd be at 40% or 50% at the least. That means pretty much anybody that breathes on him can knock him over,” the political pundit concluded.

Making matters worse for Biden in the eyes of other observers, are recent revelations that not only was Hunter Biden using the Wilmington address as his own on his driver's license and credit applications, the Post reported separately this weekend that he had also effectively turned a portion of the mansion into a home office during a period of high business activity with foreign actors.

According to information in leaked texts from Hunter Biden's iPhone, back in 2018, the first son made arrangements to have his assistant, Katie Dodge, ship containers full of materials and personal belongings that had been in storage to the guest house on the Wilmington property after his prior office lease in Washington, D.C. expired.

The very idea that someone so deeply involved in wrangling multi-million-dollar business deals with nations such as China and Ukraine would have free access to classified materials taken from his father's time in the Senate and in the Obama White House continues to draw serious scrutiny from an array of experts.

Jim Hanson, information operations expert and president of WorldStrat told the Post, “Having access to U.S. classified material makes it much easier to leverage your business operations. You know things others don't know or can't know.”

Underscoring the distinct risks brought to bear by someone with Hunter Biden's known history of personal problems, Hanson sarcastically continued, “He's a degenerate junkie cavorting with foreign prostitutes. How could that go wrong in a place where a bunch of documents are stashed everywhere?”

Echoing those concerns was former FBI agent Warren Flagg, who incredulously observed,” Hunter is a wild card, making millions a year with no experience. There's a plethora of unconfirmed possibilities here which would be detrimental to this entire situation. How many people have access to the house. It is a zoo.”

Though House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has said the ongoing probe of Biden family business corruption is “like tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm” in that “there's evidence everywhere” of wrongdoing, it remains to be seen whether it – and the president's swirling documents scandal – will lead to justice and accountability at long last.

Written By:
Sarah May

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