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By Mae Slater on
 April 29, 2024

DeSantis Meets With Trump, Agrees To Support Trump's Campaign

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to support and campaign for former President Donald Trump. This move comes after they reconciled in a meeting in Miami, overcoming their former rivalry.

The New York Post reported that both DeSantis and Trump convened on a Miami morning this past Sunday. This meeting aimed at resolving the tensions that had escalated between them following DeSantis's own presidential ambitions, which he halted in January 2024.

The get-together was facilitated by their mutual friend, Steve Witkoff, a noted figure in Florida's real estate landscape.

The discussions, described as friendly and extensive, marked their first dialogue since the end of the primary season. It represented a concerted effort to unify against common political goals, setting aside their past conflicts.

Background Of The Feud Between Two Heavyweights

Initially, DeSantis and Trump shared a cordial relationship, with Trump endorsing DeSantis during his 2018 gubernatorial campaign in Florida. However, as DeSantis's national profile rose, so did the friction between them, culminating in a public and bitter rivalry. Their feud was characterized by personal attacks and public criticisms, including Trump mockingly referring to DeSantis as “Ron DeSanctimonious” during the primary stages.

Despite their past, DeSantis has agreed not only to campaign for Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, but also to engage in fundraising efforts. This decision was spurred by DeSantis's own presidential campaign's termination and subsequent endorsement of Trump, despite remaining contenders like former Governor Nikki Haley.

Following DeSantis's withdrawal from the race, he openly criticized Trump's campaign team in February, accusing them of harboring resentment towards him. He further alleged that Trump's criminal indictments played a role in garnering sympathy from primary voters, according to a phone call DeSantis had with his supporters.

The Turning Point At Miami Meeting

The Trump campaign had previously dismissed DeSantis’s critiques as distant sniping, with one staffer even labeling him a “sad little man.” Such remarks underscored the charged atmosphere that pervaded the relationship between the two camps.

Moreover, DeSantis had consistently stated he had no interest in being Trump's vice-presidential pick, a declaration that drew significant media attention and speculation about his political ambitions and relationship with Trump.

Yet, the meeting in Miami, which stretched over several hours, sowed the seeds of a renewed partnership. Insiders indicated that the conversation was not only amicable but also constructive, with DeSantis committed to advancing Trump's campaign efforts.

Simultaneous Legal Challenges for Trump

Concurrently, Trump faces legal challenges unrelated to his presidential campaign. He is on trial in Manhattan concerning an alleged hush money arrangement during the 2016 presidential campaign, adding another layer of complexity to his political comeback.

This development comes at a crucial time as the Republican party seeks to consolidate support ahead of the upcoming presidential election. DeSantis's agreement to back Trump could be a pivotal element in strengthening Trump’s position within the party.

The partnership between DeSantis and Trump, ratified in Miami, marks a new chapter in their complex relationship. It reflects a strategic alignment that could have significant implications for the political landscape, as two of the most influential figures in the Republican party join forces once more.

Consolidation And Future Implications

This alliance may also influence other GOP members and their alignment in the upcoming elections, setting a precedent for political reconciliation and strategic partnerships.

In conclusion, the meeting between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump in Miami not only marked the end of a high-profile political feud but also began a collaborative effort to influence the upcoming presidential election. With DeSantis supporting Trump’s campaign through active campaigning and fundraising, this partnership could play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Republican Party and the broader American political scene.

Written By:
Mae Slater

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