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 March 17, 2024

Democrats bemoaning decline in number of female lawmakers from California

California Democrats are reportedly complaining about the decline in female representation among the state's Congressional delegation.

California is known for its female representation as it has sent more women to Congress than any other state. California has sent 46 women to the House and four to the Senate since 1923.

However, that trend has reversed and now Democrats are panicking that women only hold 16 of the state’s 52 House seats while both Senate seats will be held by men.

That number peaked in 2009 with 23 female members but 16 will be the lowest number since the turn of the century.

Kelly Dittmar, director of research at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, whined that women are still "underrepresented" and that the decline is a reason for concern while normal Americans struggle in this lethargic economy.

Democrat priorities

The Democrat Party has different priorities than the average American who is dealing with rising inflation and the impact of growing chaos around the world.

While regular Americans worry about the future and long for the seemingly long-ago Trump years, Democrats fret and worry over the number of women who will be in Congress's next term.

One of the biggest sore points for Democrats is the fact that Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) was the Democrat Party's nominee to replace the late Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Some wanted another woman to take Feinstein's place but now Schiff will face off with Republican Steve Garvey for the seat.

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told the San Francisco Chronicle, "We cannot lose opportunities to elect women in other places and say, ‘Well, you gotta lose in California because it’s a man,' We want it all. We want the majority, so we have a woman having a right to choose, so that we have child care and family and medical leave and a child tax credit and all the things that affect women, enabling them to be in the workplace. So while some — and I get it — they want a woman senator. Well, I want the strongest possible person for California."

Gender is everything

Andrea Dew Steele, co-founder of Emerge California and Emerge America, didn't even bother pretending that Democrats cared about merit. According to her, the #1 concern is to hit gender quotas.

Steele stated, "You have to stay vigilant. You have to be filling the bench. You have to prioritize gender.” At least Pelosi had the decency to pretend like she wants the strongest possible candidate whereas Democrats like Steele who work behind the scenes don't care.

While Democrats prioritize gender in who they elect to represent Americans in Congress, Republicans are working hard to make gains in California.

Garvey has a chance of upsetting Schiff, although it is still a long shot. If he managed to pull that off, California would be represented by a Republican man for the first time in decades.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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