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 February 8, 2023

Dem leaders quiet as Seattle crime proves 'defund the police' was ill-advised

It's difficult to imagine that even a single person of sound mind in America thought that "defunding the police" was a good idea, let alone the majority of an entire major political party.

Just ask Democrats how that whole movement is coming. Or don't ask them, because you probably won't get an answer. According to the Daily Caller, Seattle, Washington, home of the defund movement, is experiencing record-high crime rates and Dems are totally silent.

As it turns out, stripping much-needed funds from police departments tends to have a cascading effect that ultimately results in higher crime rates.

Who could have possibly thought of that beforehand?

The Daily Caller noted:

Seattle’s violent crime rate rose to its highest point in 15 years in 2022, with reported homicides surging by about 24% compared to 2021, according to the Seattle Police Department’s (SPD) Year-End Crime Report, more than a year after the city cut its police budget.

There's no spinning this one for Democrats. Most of us knew that crippling police departments in some of America's largest and busiest cities was a recipe for disaster.

The DC added: "Rapes and aggravated assaults increased by about 4% and 5% respectively, contributing to 5,591 total reported violent offenses, a roughly 4% spike."

That's because criminals know there aren't enough cops and resources to have even a glimmer of hope of protecting an entire city, so they play the odds more often, as the odds have moved swimmingly in favor of the bad guys in Dem-led cities like Seattle.

The city's leadership continues to be a major part of the problem. And it was reported that in 2022 alone, the department lost more than 130 officers.

The steep drop in officers directly translates into higher crime rates. How could it not? Seattle City Councilmember Alex Pedersen said as much.

"It’s no longer theoretical what happens when hundreds of officers leave a police department, we now see the reality of that," Pedersen told KOMO News. "We know a lot of people are frustrated when they call 911. They are waiting for the police, they know that there’s a staffing shortage."

This problem isn't unique to Seattle, either. Many Democrat-led cities, which all used to be some of the most popular and beautiful destinations in the country, have experienced sharp crime spikes as a result of the Democrats' continued war against America's police officers.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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