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 June 10, 2024

Comer Vows Continued Biden Investigation: 'Merely The Start'

In a striking announcement, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer emphasized the depth of the investigations against President Joe Biden, marking a significant escalation in the impeachment inquiry.

The Hill reported that Comer disclosed that the criminal referrals concerning Hunter and James Biden are early steps in a broader impeachment strategy aimed at the President.

During his appearance on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures," Comer outlined the scope of the investigation, which he said focuses primarily on President Biden, using his family and associates as key witnesses.

The Beginnings of an Extensive Inquiry

Last Wednesday, GOP leaders spearheaded by Comer made criminal referrals to the Justice Department against Hunter Biden and James Biden, the President's son and brother respectively.

These referrals allege that both men misled lawmakers in their testimonies and interactions with investigators. Comer, expressing a strong determination to proceed, accused them of being integral to the wider investigation aimed at exposing alleged illicit activities by the President.

Despite these claims, there remains a notable lack of criminal evidence against President Biden himself, which has led to diminishing public support for the impeachment inquiry.

Unfazed by the wavering public support, Comer has reiterated his commitment to the investigation. He announced that a forthcoming report would shed further light on the alleged wrongdoings by President Biden.

He emphasized, "Remember, this is an investigation of Joe Biden. Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer — these are all witnesses in an investigation of Joe Biden. This was always about Joe Biden."

Comer also added a stern warning that if the current Attorney General Merrick Garland does not take appropriate action on these referrals, a future administration could appoint a new attorney general who might.

Legal Framework and Limitations

The statute of limitations for the allegations made in the criminal referrals extends to five years, a timeframe that Comer believes allows for future judicial review if necessary.

"This is the first step, these criminal referrals. Everything that we refer to the Department of Justice is within the statute of limitations. In fact, there’s a five-year statute of limitations," stated Comer in his interview.

The Oversight Committee Chair emphasized the longevity and potential reach of this investigation, hinting at a prolonged battle that could span administrations.

The White House has been approached for comments on these developments but has not yet responded. The situation remains dynamic as both political and public scrutiny intensifies.

Comer’s narrative continues to focus on the alleged connections and implications involving President Biden's immediate family, reinforcing his commitment to uncovering what he believes to be significant malfeasance.

"Now, we’re going to do everything we can to hold Hunter Biden and all the different shady associates accountable. This is just the beginning. But the next step will be accountability for Joe Biden," Comer declared, indicating the potential for escalated actions in the near future.

The ongoing developments bring to light the complexities and challenges of political investigations, especially those involving high-ranking officials and their families.

As Comer pushes forward with the impeachment inquiry, the balance of political power and public opinion will play crucial roles in shaping the outcomes.

Comer's pledge, "And I think everyone that’s kept up with this investigation will be very eager to see what the next step is," suggests a strategy that is not only aimed at legal accountability but also at influencing public perception and political narratives.


In conclusion, the impeachment inquiry spearheaded by James Comer against President Joe Biden, through the scrutiny of Hunter Biden and James Biden, marks a critical phase in a broader political struggle.

With the promise of further disclosures and continued investigations, Comer aims to establish a comprehensive case against the President. The unfolding events will undoubtedly have significant implications for the Biden administration and the political landscape in Washington.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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