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 October 13, 2022

CNN liberals panicking over prospect of Supreme Court eliminating gun control nationwide

The Supreme Court is stacked with originalists who have upheld the Constitution. This has the left running scared.

Tierney Sneed at CNN breathlessly warned Sunday that the high court could eliminate gun control "nationwide," Breitbart reported. A ruling on June 23 struck down a New York law that has somewhat restored the Second Amendment and may apply elsewhere.

The NYSRPA v. Bruen decision reasserted that the right to bear arms applies outside the home and negated New York's restriction on concealed carrying. This decision also laid out guidance for lower courts dealing with other Second Amendment cases.

Just weeks later, the high court ordered other such state laws back to the respective lower courts to be reviewed in light of the Bruen decision. This included Hawaii's carry restrictions, Maryland's "assault weapons" prohibition, and California's "high capacity magazine" restriction.

Sneed extrapolated this out to a complete attack on gun control, and perhaps she is not wrong. "Since the June ruling, federal judges in at least a half-dozen different cases have already cited the Bruen decision to rule against gun restrictions that have included local assault weapons bans, prohibitions on the manufacture of homemade firearms, and bans on older teenagers publicly carrying handguns."

The CNN journalist also pointed out that the decision has already made its mark on cases. "A federal district judge cited the ruling last month when halting Delaware restrictions on possessing and manufacturing untraceable firearms, saying that the law's defenders failed to provide persuasive evidence that similar restrictions existed in the historical record," she wrote.

"The precedent was also referenced when local assault weapon bans in two Colorado jurisdictions were put on hold this summer; the judges in both cases were each appointed by Democratic presidents." Suddenly, CNN is worried about the influence the Supreme Court can wield.

CNN is right to be worried. The court has an originalist majority that is ready to reverse the judicial activism the left got away with for decades.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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