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 January 31, 2023

CNN humiliated as ratings hit a nine-year low

In another life, CNN was the go-to news network for millions of Americans daily, but somewhere along the way, it crashed and burned. And to many, it feels like it's about to go under, Breitbart reports.

Pinpointing CNNs' failure as a network is almost too easy, as it used the years during former President Donald Trump's time in the White House to push mountains of anti-Trump and anti-conservative drivel to its viewers who ate it up on a nightly basis.

They couldn't get enough of the radical, progressive narrative driven into the minds of those who were still watching. But once Trump left the White House, and once the ultra-woke garbage hit peak levels, Americans clearly tuned out.

That's not a subjective view, that's a fact. Breitbart noted that CNN had its worst ratings collapse in an astonishing nine years.

The Wrap noted:

CNN just notched its lowest ratings in nine years across all its day parts for the week of Jan. 16 through Jan. 22, 2023, according to Nielsen averaging just 444,000 viewers in primetime, 93,000 in the all-important age 25-54 news demographic and 417,000 in viewers and 80,000 in the demo for total day. It’s the first time since May 2014 that the network failed to reach 450,000 viewers.

It added:

By comparison, during the same period Fox News drew 1.4 million viewers and 176,000 in the demo while MSNBC notched 629,000 total viewers and 69,000 in the demo. In primetime, Fox News had 2 million viewers, 256,000 in the demo and MSNBC had 943,000 viewers and 91,000 in the demo.


Clearly, Americans aren't turning off their televisions -- simply look at Fox News's numbers to prove that.

The low ratings are essentially a referendum on what America thinks about today's radical, progressive leftist movement. Americans, even Democrats in many cases, are sick and tired of the woke nonsense we're bombarded with at networks like CNN.

At first, the network's new CEO, Chris Licht, was touted as the guy who might have a fighting chance at turning things around. But so far, he's proven to be nothing short of a big loser, as his major decision to move Don Lemon to the network's morning lineup has resulted in catastrophic failure.

His latest move in acquiring a deal to air Bill Maher's show, as Breitbart's John Nolte noted, is also questionable.

Licht’s latest genius move is to have CNN air Bill Maher’s “Overtime” segment on Friday evenings. That’s HBO’s Real Time segment with Bill Maher that airs exclusively online after the show’s conclusion.

What does Licht think that’s going to accomplish? Last week, only 799,000 people watched Real Time. Sure, 799,000 is better than CNNLOL’s numbers, but Bill Maher is just another leftist talking head. Sometimes he strays from the leftist plantation, but he is a man of the left, so this is just more of CNN being CNN, and since America hates and is soundly rejecting CNN, this is another terrible (and desperate) idea.


Twitter's reaction was similar, with many users repeating the often-accurate "go woke, go broke," phrase.

"CNN is suffering it's worst ratings week in 9 years. Just like all left wing media... the damage has been irreparably done, and it's too late to start over. Go woke, go broke and bankrupt...," one Twitter user wrote.

CNN is in real trouble, and it'll be fascinating to watch its rapid decline in 2023.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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