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 March 14, 2024

CNN forced to correct story on Senator Katie Britt's SOTU rebuttal against Joe Biden

Senator Katie Britt's (R-AL) State of the Union rebuttal has been talked about more than President Biden's original address and it has turned into a massive headache for Democrats.

CNN was forced to correct a story about Britt's rebuttal where she discussed the tragic story of an unnamed sex trafficking victim to emphasize the effects of the ongoing border crisis caused by President Biden.

That victim was later identified as Karla Jacinto, who was abused and horrifically mistreated from the ages of 12 to 16 at the hands of traffickers.

Jacinto is one of thousands of children who have found themselves victimized by traffickers who have enjoyed carte blanche under President Joe Biden's open border policies.

CNN attempted to play games with Jacinto and Britt instead of amplifying Jacinto's tragic story. Thankfully, they were caught red-handed and forced to issue an embarrassing correction.

CNN humiliated

If liberal outlets like CNN are the face of journalism in the 21st century, then journalism is completely bankrupt.

To avoid talking about President Biden's criminal negligence in enabling human traffickers and untold suffering on the southern border, CNN attempted to lie about Britt in an attempt to discredit her SOTU rebuttal.

CNN claimed that Britt lied about having met one-on-one with Jacinto. However, Britt never claimed to have personally met Jacinto.

CNN further tried lying with semantics by claiming that Britt said Mexican drug cartels abducted Jacinto. At no point in Britt's rebuttal did she even say the phrase "drug cartels," but instead used the term "cartels" to refer to organized crime which is responsible for most human trafficking.

Any questions about the veracity of Jacinto's meeting collapse because she met with Britt, as well as Senators Marsha Blackburn, (R-TN) and Cindy Hyde-Smith, (R-MS) in 2023. That meeting is where Britt sourced many of her claims from.

Democrats have viciously attacked Britt with even SNL attacking her with a skit starring Scarlett Johansson. But they ended up amplifying Britt and getting more eyes on the claims that were made in her rebuttal dismantling Biden's dishonesty.

The state of the union

President Biden attempted to sell Americans the lie that everything was fine and that their own observations weren't correct. "Bidenomics" supposedly hadn't failed and American's quality of life was on the rise.

More than anything though, Biden spent his SOTU address desperately attacking former President Trump, a man who has been out of the White House for four years now. Trump has had no say over the current state of affairs and yet Biden only wants to talk about Trump.

Biden is terrified of Trump and is doing everything he can to try and stop him from taking the White House again. Unfortunately for Biden, it seems that no amount of lying will distract Americans from the fact that his leadership has led the nation astray and that it's time for a change in management.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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