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 November 6, 2022

CNN analyst Ana Navarro blasts Joe Biden and Democrats for failing to connect with Hispanic voters

Ana Navarro, CNN analyst and co-host of "The View," slammed Democrats for failing to connect with Hispanic voters, Breitbart reported. Like others on the left, Navarro blamed a messaging problem while ignoring President Joe Biden's policy failures.

Navarro was on "CNN Tonight" Thursday, discussing the upcoming midterms with other analysts. "What is the Republican message in this election?" political analyst Scott Jennings began.

"You know you are being economically disadvantaged by the Biden administration, and they are not keeping our neighborhoods safe because of the national crime waves. So the two things that that person was speaking to is essentially the Republican campaign," Jennings added.

"I'll tell you something, the Biden administration sucks at tooting their own horn," Navarro shot back. "I told them this to their own face."

"Look, they've done things like issue temporary protective status for Venezuelans, which is a very big deal for the Hispanic community," Navarro said. "But they don't toot their own horn."

"Donald Trump did very little things — a lot of it was smoke and mirrors but anytime anything within, they would be down in Miami, and there would be a big event, and they be at the Freedom Tower, and there would be all these people clapping like trained seals," Navarro continued. "But those things matter."

Former White House official and political commentator David Axelrod believed "making health care accessible" was the issue that should win Hispanics' hearts. "Yeah, I agree that is what the Republican message is, Scott, but I also agree with you, Ana," he said.

"I mean, the fact is helping people by making health care accessible is a real tangible thing that helps improve people's lives," Axelrod asserted. Like many on the left, these analysts are out of touch with average voters.

Hispanic voters are fleeing the Democratic Party to side with Republican politicians because they're worried about crime, the attack on traditional values, and the economy, Fox News reported. An NBC News/Telemundo poll found that 54% of registered Latino voters wanted Democrats to retain control of Congress, a number which is down 13 points since the same time four years ago.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) believes that Hispanic voters reject Democratic elitism in favor of the Republican Party's average working-class values. "The reality is that Hispanics are out there doing the jobs that normal Americans do," the Cuban-American lawmaker said.

"Working-class and middle-class Americans, they can't do those from Zoom," Diaz-Balart pointed out. "They also don't tend to live in the secluded, closed-off, gated communities where you can talk about freeing prisoners and decriminalizing acts of violence because they have their private security," he said of the contrast.

Biden and the Democratic Party have ruined the economy and driven American society to the radical left. Hispanic voters are leaving for the same reason the rest of the demographics are -- Biden is a disaster, and the nation is in tatters because of him.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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