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 June 13, 2023

Chairman Comer says Biden under investigation by the FBI in bribery case

President Joe Biden laughs off reporters' questions regarding an alleged bribery scheme while he was vice president under former President Barack Obama.

However, that laughter could soon end after it was revealed that he's currently under investigation by the FBI regarding the bribery scheme, according to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer.

Former AG Barr has discredited Democrats’ lies that the investigation into the Biden bribery FD-1023 form had been ended. Now, the FBI has told me there are 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 1023 forms. I will be granted access to these additional docs.

The news comes in the wake of the publicized fight between Comer's House committee and FBI leadership over an FBI form that allegedly details the entire bribery scheme, which reportedly involved a foreign national.

The FBI and its leadership stonewalled repeated requests, including congressional subpoenas, for access to the form.

Comer had originally revealed that the information came via way of a "highly credible" FBI informant.

As far as an ongoing investigation into Biden regarding the scheme, some top House Democrats insisted that the investigation had been closed. That has been disputed, however, and former Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed that the case was not, in fact, closed.

Comer discussed the developing situation with Fox News host and former South Carolina lawmaker Trey Gowdy (R).

"Now, AG Barr, who has a very complicated relationship with President Trump, says that’s completely false, that he did not close it. What can you tell us? Raskin says it was looked at and closed. Was it?" Gowdy asked.

"No, Jamie Raskin lied, and the FBI told us that it was still a part of an ongoing investigation. So, what I believe has happened, Trey, is that according to Bill Barr, then-attorney general, they got the form 1023, and because it was from one of the FBI’s most credible, highest-paid, most trusted, most effective informants, they took it seriously but they did not look into it. They just pass it along to the U.S. Attorney in Delaware," Comer responded.

If the investigation continues to evolve in the direction that many believe it will, the current president -- and many of his family members -- will have plenty of questions to answer, and possible consequences to face.

Only time will tell if Biden is caught up in another high-profile criminal scandal. It'll be interesting to see how it impacts his 2024 presidential campaign.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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