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 January 24, 2024

Calls for Nikki Haley to drop out of presidential race grow following New Hampshire loss

Former Gov. Nikki Haley is facing mounting pressure to withdraw from the GOP presidential primary, as indicated by polling and political analysts.

Following Gov. Ron DeSantis's exit from the race on Sunday, Haley's prospects for the nomination did not appear to improve.

The details

DeSantis' endorsement of former President Donald Trump further solidified support behind Trump, intensifying the pressure on Haley to consider ending her nascent campaign.

In all states, except New Hampshire, Trump maintains a lead of at least 30 points, with Haley trailing him in the Granite State by approximately 15 points.

Politico Playbook noted on Monday that if Haley fails to perform well in New Hampshire, it will be challenging for her to justify staying in the race until South Carolina's primary, four weeks later.

Trump's influence grows

Nate Cohn, the New York Times' chief political analyst, emphasized that the polling indicates Haley's likely exit from the race, allowing Trump to focus on challenging President Joe Biden.

Cohn stated that absent a significant shift in the race, Trump is poised to secure the nomination quickly.

The New York Times reported that anything short of victory or a narrow defeat in New Hampshire would increase pressure on Haley to withdraw, given the potential onslaught of punishing ads from the Trump campaign in her home state.

Haley responds

In a Fox News interview on Monday morning, Haley resisted calls to drop out, asserting that the political process should not be treated as a coronation and highlighting the importance of providing voters with options.

Republican operative Scott Jennings expressed skepticism about the momentum of Haley's campaign, stating that it doesn't align with the preferences of the majority of Republican voters, who consistently express a desire to revisit the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party and a Haley supporter, expressed a pessimistic view, stating that Haley needed to inspire and engage unaffiliated voters, a task he believes she has not effectively undertaken.

Dave Carney, a New Hampshire-based Republican strategist, observed a lack of energy for Haley in the state, emphasizing that Trump continues to command the Republican Party. Sean Westwood, a government professor at Dartmouth College, concurred, stating that Trump's dominance in Iowa is likely to be replicated in New Hampshire.

The general sentiment among analysts is that the energy and enthusiasm appear firmly in Trump's favor, potentially influencing the outcome of the upcoming primary contests.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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