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 January 15, 2024

Brother of Rapper Yo Gotti shot outside of a restaurant in Memphis

The brother of Yo Gotti was shot outside of a restaurant in Memphis. According to recent reports, Anthony "Big Jook" Mims, who is the brother of the rapper Yo Gotti, was the intended target of the shooting that took place on Saturday outside of a restaurant in Memphis.

The Memphis Police Department arrived at the scene outside of Perignons Restaurant & Event Center at approximately 4:15 p.m. on January 13, according to the New York Post.

When they arrived, they located two victims who had been shot. Mims was pronounced dead as soon as he arrived at St. Francis Hospital because of his condition.

A second victim of the collision was taken to the hospital via car, and then they were airlifted there. They are currently in a critical condition at Regional One Health in Memphis. The airlift was performed, and they are currently being treated at the hospital.

According to reports, the event took place on the same day that there were reports that Mims had attended the funeral of a relative.

The investigation team believes that Mims was picked out as a target despite the fact that they have not identified any of the culprits or provided a justification for their actions.

"We do feel that the individual that was shot was possibly targeted by the suspect," stated Memphis Deputy Police Chief Paul Wright during a press conference that took place on Saturday.  Despite the fact that it was not completely ruled out, White did not make any connection between the occurrence and the rapper who is known by the name "I Am."

During the time when Big Jook was employed by Yo Gotti's Collective Media Group, he was in charge of the several business operations that were associated with the label. In regard to the shooting, the rapper known as Yo Gotti, whose real name is Mario Sentell Giden Mims, has not yet offered a statement to the general public.

In addition to this, the rapper's very own restaurant has also been the source of contention in previous instances. Two people were killed and five others were injured when gunfire broke out inside his restaurant, Privé, in Memphis during March the previous year. The incident occurred  last year.

This comes just days after a judge in Nevada set bond at $750,000 for a former gang boss from the Los Angeles region who is suspected of arranging the murder of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur in 1996 on Tuesday.

This occurred quickly after the judge's decision. In addition, the judge stated that the defendant may be subject to electronic surveillance while he is under house arrest pending the outcome of his trial for murder.

After the judge's decision, the attorneys who were assigned to Duane "Keffe D" Davis informed the Associated Press that their client is able to post that amount of money.

They warned the judge that the burden of preparing a defense based on material that is twenty years old could compel them to reschedule the trial from June as it was originally set. They also asked a bond sum of one hundred thousand dollars or less.

Reporters were informed by the District Attorney of Clark County, Steve Wolfson, that a "source hearing" is likely to be held by the District Judge of Clark County, Carli Kierny, in order to determine whether or not the cash that were placed as bail are legitimate.

It was requested by the court on February 20 that an update be provided rather than a new trial date being scheduled. Prosecutors Binu Palal and Marc DiGiacomo argued on Tuesday that Davis has never truly left the gang life.

They also asserted that his confessions on his involvement in Shakur's murder, which he has made for the past fifteen years, prove his guilt of murder, and that a phone call he made from the jail in October implied that he endangered witnesses.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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