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 March 24, 2023

Brit Hume rips Mike Pence's presidential aspirations for lack of excitement

Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume said that a 2024 presidential run by former Vice President Mike Pence will struggle to win the GOP nomination.

Hume shared the comments on Wednesday's "Special Report" on Fox News concerning Pence.

The comments

“It reminded me a lot of what George H.W. Bush said in his acceptance speech, that he was looking for a kinder, gentler America after eight years of Ronald Reagan under whom he served under much as Pence served under Trump. The Reagan people hated that, but the public seemed ready for it," Hume said.

“Pence’s problem is that while the country may have an appetite for, you know, things to calm down and settle down, it’s sort of hard to get elected in an election in this type of atmosphere without being kind of exciting," he continued.

"Voters in Florida certainly found Ron DeSantis exciting enough to give him a 20-point victory. Whether voters will find Mike Pence exciting enough is, I think, another question," Hume added.

When will he decide?

"Look, we've gotten a lot of encouragement around the country," Pence said.

The former vice president has also made many early moves toward a run, including a book release, visits to early primary states and a regular circuit of speeches at top conservative events.

Even if Pence decides to run, he'll face strong opposition from his former boss Donald Trump.

In addition, the former vice president may face a battle against former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who is also considering a run. The two men were considered close allies during the Trump administration.

Pence could also face a strong challenge if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joins the growing list of contenders. So far, DeSantis has been the only potential GOP contender to rank close to Trump in polling.

The next few weeks could be critical in the decision of who is running, including Pence, whose current numbers don't offer hope of a win over Trump.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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