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By Mae Slater on
 March 10, 2024

All eyes on Trump's VP selection with Haley's dropout ending nominee race

As the political landscape heats up, NPR reported that speculation is rife among supporters of former President Donald Trump about who will be chosen as his running mate for a potential upcoming presidential campaign.

With Nikki Haley's decision to drop out of the race, Trump is the de facto nominee and he has shifted his full attention to selecting the best running mate he can. Trump's list has been narrowed down and he has teased on numerous occasions that he has already made his decision.

However, he seems to be enjoying keeping his supporters in the dark. What we do know for sure is that Trump will make his selection based on loyalty to him and the potential for carrying on Trump's legacy as he can only serve one more term due to term limits.

June Avinger, a staunch Trump supporter, sees Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House Press Secretary, as a potential candidate. However, she harbors reservations due to strategic state considerations, noting, "Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one, but I don't know, because he's gonna need someone in a state more blue than Arkansas."

Trump's Vice Presidential Pick: A Critical Choice for the MAGA Legacy

The strategic importance of Trump's vice-presidential choice is not lost on his base, with supporters actively engaging in discussions about various potential candidates. Arlene Lutz, reflecting this sentiment, brings up Vivek Ramaswamy, a former rival of Trump, as a possibility, albeit with uncertainty.

Andrea Taylor introduces a lighter note into the speculation, humorously suggesting Tucker Carlson, the conservative television host, as a potential running mate. Taylor's suggestion highlights the broad spectrum of opinions within Trump's supporter base, illustrating their engagement and willingness to consider a wide range of candidates.

At 77 years old, Trump's age makes the selection of a vice-presidential candidate especially significant to his supporters. They view this choice as not just a tactical decision for the upcoming election but as a strategic move that could shape the future of the MAGA movement.

This sentiment is echoed by Andrea Taylor, who emphasizes the importance of choosing a candidate who can not only support Trump in a potential next term but also carry forward his legacy. "He's only got, what, four years? So whatever he chooses, hopefully will do the next four and maybe continue whatever he's trying to fix here," she says.

Legacy and Loyalty at the Heart of Trump's Decision

Alice Stewart, a Republican strategist, notes that Trump's concern for his and the MAGA legacy's continuation is a pivotal factor in his decision-making process. This focus on legacy is intertwined with Trump's well-known emphasis on loyalty, a trait he has valued highly throughout his presidency.

Trump's emphasis on loyalty has previously been demonstrated through his appointments and is expected to play a critical role in his vice-presidential pick. This focus on loyalty, particularly in the aftermath of the January 6 events and Trump's expressed disappointment with Mike Pence, signifies its importance in Trump's criteria for selection.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem highlighted her early support for Trump, potentially positioning herself as a loyal candidate aligned with Trump's values and priorities.

Historical Context and Political Implications

The role of the vice president has historically been seen as secondary to the presidency, but in the context of Trump's potential candidacy, this selection carries added weight. Christopher DeVine, a political science professor, explains that vice-presidential candidates can shape perceptions of the presidential candidate, though they generally do not drastically alter election outcomes.

Trump's previous selection of Mike Pence as his running mate for evangelical support and political experience set a precedent for choosing candidates who could complement his own political strengths and appeal to broader segments of the electorate.

The speculation around Trump's vice-presidential pick includes a wide array of names, from Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Vivek Ramaswamy to Tucker Carlson and Kristi Noem. Trump's rally in Rome, Ga., even brought up Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as a possible contender, showcasing the diverse considerations and personalities in play.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the MAGA Movement

The selection of Trump's running mate is more than just a political decision; it's a statement about the direction and future of the MAGA movement. With Trump's age and the limitation of serving only one more term, the choice of a vice-presidential candidate holds implications for the continuation of Trumpism beyond his potential presidency.

As the political discourse continues, the anticipation among Trump's supporters is palpable. They are keenly aware of the significance of this decision, not just for the upcoming election but for the broader future of their movement.

The discussions among Trump's supporters, ranging from strategic considerations to loyalty and legacy, reflect a community deeply invested in the outcome of this selection. Their engagement is a testament to the enduring influence of Trumpism and the importance placed on continuing its legacy through the next vice-presidential pick.

Conclusion: A Pivotal Decision Awaits

  • Speculation among Trump supporters focuses on potential running mates, reflecting considerations of strategic state support, loyalty, and the MAGA movement's future.
  • Trump's age and the limitation of serving only one more term amplify the significance of his vice-presidential selection, with supporters emphasizing the importance of choosing a successor who can carry forward his legacy.
  • The emphasis on loyalty in Trump's administration and potential running mate selection highlights its importance in the context of his presidency and beyond.
  • The wide range of potential candidates discussed by supporters—from Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Vivek Ramaswamy to Tucker Carlson and Kristi Noem—illustrates the diverse considerations at play.
  • The anticipation among Trump's supporters underscores the importance of the vice-presidential pick not just for the upcoming election but for the future of the MAGA movement.
Written By:
Mae Slater

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