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 March 11, 2023

Boston mayor Michelle Wu accused of racially discriminating against white business owners

Michelle Wu, the Democratic mayor of Boston, is being sued for racially discriminating against white business owners, the Daily Wire reported. Wu is accused of imposing fees on restaurants only in a predominantly Italian-American neighborhood.

'It is commonly known that the traditional owner of a restaurant in the North End of Boston is a white male of Italian descent, and the North End is generally regarded (as) the last true ethnic Boston Italian neighborhood," the lawsuit states. "The Plaintiffs had a right to be treated the same as other restaurants in the City who were granted outdoor dining and not singled out to pay fees … to have outdoor dining because of their sex or national origin/ethnicity as appears in this case."

The plaintiffs include restaurant owners Carla Gomes, Patrick Mendoza, Jorge Mendoza-Iturralde, and Jason and Kim Silvestri, who operate in the city's North End. They are seeking $1 million in punitive damages and $500,000 in actual compensation.

The group of restaurant owners said in their lawsuit that Wu targeted them for a $7,500 outdoor dining fee. Wu claimed she imposed these fees to account for trash disposal and traffic problems in the historic section of the city.

The group's earlier lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the rule filed in October was thrown out by a judge. The pushback was enough to prompt Wu to back off somewhat after receiving criticism, and she carved out a loophole for exemptions.

Still, no other neighborhood was subject to such a fee, which gives the plaintiffs a strong case that it was a racist policy. It's not only this aspect that gives credence to their argument.

Last year, Wu made a blatantly anti-white statement during the city's annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast. During her first term, Wu received resistance from the Boston First Responders United union and others over her COVID-19 vaccine mandates, according to the Daily Caller.

She scoffed when protesters turned up at her home and took her opportunity at the breakfast to slander the people involved. "This past winter was pretty intense: trial by snow, trial by firefighters' union," Wu began with the setup.

"I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive and white. I’m talking about snowflakes, I mean, snowstorms, snowflakes."

Although she often portrays herself as an advocate for the downtrodden, Wu is a social justice warrior intent on further fueling the fires of racial division. Last year, she apologized for Boston's role in the slave trade, NBC News reported.

She also put together a task force exploring reparations for those touched by the practice. The city announced the formation of the Reparations Task Force last month, which will figure out how much of taxpayers' money should be redistributed.

"For 400 years, the brutal practice of enslavement and recent policies like redlining, the busing crisis and exclusion from city contracting have denied Black Americans pathways to build generational wealth, secure stable housing and live freely," Wu said. "Our administration remains committed to tackling long-standing racial inequities and this task force is the next step in our commitment as a city to advance racial justice and build a Boston for everyone."

Like all of these good-on-paper proposals, this is another government heist that fosters dependency on the people they purport to help. Nobody knows how exactly reparations would be administered or what that would entail, especially since every person ever involved in slave trading are long dead and buried.

Wu is the worst kind of race hustler there is as she uses her bully pulpit to impose her discriminatory policies. Moreover, Wu is allegedly actively racist -- and no matter what color the victims are, this just isn't right.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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