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 March 10, 2024

Body language expert claims Trump's family doesn't get along

A body language expert is trying to claim that members of former President Donald Trump's family - including some of his children - do not get along. 

The body language expert is Nicole Moore, and she recently analyzed the Trump family for a report that has been published by The List.

The report especially focuses on Trump's children: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Barron Trump. The children, here, are listed from oldest to youngest.

For those unfamiliar with the Trump family, Donald had Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric with his first wife, Czech model Ivana Trump. Donald then had Tiffany with his second wife, actress Marla Maple. And, finally, Donald had Barron with former First Lady Melania Trump, his third wife.

The good

Moore claims that there are signs that many of Trump's children get along quite well.

For example, Moore claims that Ivanka "may be closer to" Donald Jr., that Eric and Donald Jr. "likely trust each other," that Eric and Tiffany "could have a surprising bond," and that Barron "seems to admire Tiffany."

Moore goes into detail for each of her claims.

Regarding her conclusion that Eric and Donald Jr. "likely trust each other," for example, The List reports: "

Pointing to an image of the older Trump brothers adjusting their suits together, Moore observes just how similar the pair appear to be. "This picture demonstrates the connection and trust that Donald Trump Jr. and Eric have," Moore told us. "They are mirroring each other in this picture by both fixing the buttons on their suit at the same exact time."

Moore adds, "Donald Jr.'s feet are facing outward, indicating he's relaxed and calm in Eric's presence and he doesn't have to stand at attention. It appears that Donald Jr. can fully relax and be himself in front of his brother."

The bad

On the other hand, Moore concludes that some of the Trump children may not have the best of relationships.

For example, Moore argues that Eric "may look up to Ivanka more than Donald Jr.," that Tiffany and Ivanka "may not be best buds," and that Barron and Donald Jr. "might not be that close."

Regarding the claim that Tiffany and Ivanka "may not be best buds," the List reports:

Nicole Moore tells us that Ivanka and Tiffany don't seem all that close. Pointing to a photograph of the sisters at their father's 2017 inauguration, Moore observed just how different the girls' personalities appear. "Tiffany's shoulders slope slightly downwards and her neck is more relaxed, indicating she is more relaxed and casual than Ivanka," Moore told The List.

The List goes on to report that, according to Moore, "these differences might be enough to make Tiffany and Ivanka feel guarded toward each other" - that there may be a "lack of trust" between them.

Of course, this is all just speculation; it all may be false. But, even if some of it is true, what family does not have their problems?

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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