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 October 2, 2022

Bill Maher says Joe Biden must get rid of Kamala Harris if he runs in 2024

Democrats are in a tight spot concerning the 2024 presidential election. President Joe Biden is old and feeble, but Vice President Kamal Harris is a lousy alternative -- and some are beginning to say it publicly.

Liberal political commentator and comedian Bill Maher said Biden needs to ditch Harris in his bid for reelection, Fox News reported. The "Real Time" host made this point Friday during a panel discussion about Biden's reelection prospects.

Maher said that Biden "crossed oceans of time" to become president, comparing him to Dracula in that fact. "Once you have that real estate, and you wake up in the White House, and your office is the Oval, I just don't think you give it up," the host said.

"It's very hard to take away the nomination from the president, a sitting president," Maher added. "What I could see is replacing the vice president," Maher said, evoking applause from his left-leaning audience.

"Because she's just not very popular anywhere. And it didn't seem to work out. And, I don't know, that's been done before on a ticket," Maher said.

Another panel member, Atlantic staff writer Caitlin Flanagan, pointed out how easily Harris was crushed during the debates for the Democratic primary. Her record as attorney general of California became an easy target that couldn't withstand the slightest bit of scrutiny.

"I just think she's a bad politician," Maher agreed. "I think she's a very bright person, but I don't know- I can see them doing that because a lot of the problem with 'Biden being old' is- oh, if he dies, then you're going to get this person."

The host added that the "problem" for Democrats is that they're "so boxed in by identity politics" that the ticket needs a person of color, a woman, or "a deaf Eskimo." Without saying it, Maher hit on the only qualifications Harris does have.

Democrats are in trouble going into the midterm elections, but more so for their 2024 presidential prospects. Harris has got to go, but removing her will be a challenge.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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