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By Mae Slater on
 May 28, 2024

Bill And Hillary Clinton to Hold Exclusive Dinner for Biden Fundraising

In a significant move to bolster President Biden's re-election efforts, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will host an exclusive fundraising dinner in Virginia on June 18.

Fox News reported that the event, part of a broader multi-president fundraising strategy, comes amidst a fierce fundraising showdown between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The Virginia event will be supported by former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, providing a key platform for President Biden's campaign to gather essential funding.

This exclusive dinner aims to demonstrate the Clintons' unwavering support for Biden's efforts.

Following closely behind is another high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles. This event will also feature a star-studded lineup, including President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and the host, actor George Clooney.

Successful Multi-President Fundraising Strategy

The strategic approach involving multiple presidents has historically yielded impressive results. Open Secrets reports that during the current 2024 cycle, Biden has outpaced Trump in fundraising efforts.

An earlier fundraising event in New York showcased this strategy's effectiveness, raising an astounding $26 million in a single night. This remarkable outcome has set a precedent for subsequent events, including the upcoming ones in Virginia and Los Angeles.

Despite Biden's fundraising success, Trump's campaign remains competitive. In April, Trump's campaign received $76 million in donations, eclipsing Biden's $51 million during the same period.

In the preceding month of March, Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) managed to raise approximately $90 million. This figure significantly exceeded the $65.6 million raised by Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) within the same timeframe.

Biden's campaign and affiliated committees currently hold a substantial $192 million in cash on hand. These funds are essential to maintain momentum as the race progresses.

Record-Setting Fundraising Efforts From Trump

Meanwhile, Trump's campaign has also seen noteworthy financial milestones. In April, a record-setting $50.5 million was amassed during a single event held at the Palm Beach, Florida home of billionaire investor John Paulson.

The Biden campaign has emphasized that a significant portion of their April funds came from grassroots contributions. With one million additional supporters joining their email list during the month, the grassroots support base remains robust.

The Biden campaign has criticized Trump's strategy of predominantly targeting billionaire donors, suggesting that this approach lacks the sustainability of a grassroots program. The campaign further stressed the importance of building a durable grassroots organization for lasting success.

In contrast, senior advisers for Trump's campaign, Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, have portrayed a different picture. They claimed that half of the funds raised came from small-dollar donors, indicating an energized and dedicated base.

LaCivita and Wiles stated that the campaign is fully committed to raising the necessary resources for securing a victory in the upcoming November elections. They emphasized the importance of building a robust financial foundation for their efforts.

The Biden campaign maintains a strong focus on grassroots support, which they believe is vital for a successful campaign. Their strategy aims to build a comprehensive and sustainable fundraising program that will endure through the election cycle.

As both campaigns continue their fundraising efforts, the competition remains intense. The combined strength of multi-president events and grassroots mobilization will be crucial in determining the outcome.

The upcoming fundraising dinners in Virginia and Los Angeles are pivotal moments for Biden's campaign. With the support of prominent figures such as the Clintons and Obama, the momentum is expected to carry forward.

This approach highlights the commitment of leading Democrats to secure the resources needed for victory. The strategic coordination of efforts will play a significant role in maintaining the financial edge over the opposition.

Conclusion: High-Stakes Fundraising Battle

The dedication of influential Democrats in hosting key fundraising events underscores the high stakes of the 2024 election.

The success of these efforts could significantly impact the broader campaign landscape.

To summarize, the Clintons are hosting an exclusive fundraising dinner for President Biden in Virginia on June 18, with McAuliffe's support. This event follows another crucial fundraiser in Los Angeles featuring Obama and Clooney, as part of the successful multi-president strategy aiming to outpace Trump in the fundraising war.

Written By:
Mae Slater

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