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By Jen Krausz on
 January 4, 2024

Biden's 'Lobster-red' sunburn after Caribbean vacation causing concerns, mocking comments

President Joe Biden came back from a week-long Caribbean vacation with a very bad sunburn, which led to concerns about his health and mocking comparisons to 'Orange Man' Donald Trump.

This Inside Edition video shows Biden's reddened complexion and why getting badly sunburned might not be a good idea for someone who has had multiple non-malignant growths removed in recent years, including one on his chest nine months ago.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are notorious for spending time on the beach in Delaware where they own a home, but may not have accounted for the difference in the strength of the sun's rays between the U.S. East Coast and the Caribbean tropics.

Jill's fault?

Some asked why the First Lady didn't keep Biden out of the sun, bolstering recent opinion that Biden has declined mentally and needs his wife to tell him what to do.

Is he an adult male capable of slathering on sunscreen and getting himself out of the sun before he burns, or is he basically a child who needs Jill to do everything for him now?

Jill Biden has had her own issues with skin cancer, and had two basal cell carcinomas removed a year ago, so she may not have the best judgment about sun time anyway.

Still, most skin lesions and cancers caused by sun exposure are easily treated if they are caught early--neither the First Lady's nor Biden's needed further treatment, for example.

Is he jealous?

The most interesting responses to Biden's lobster-like appearance were those who believed he was trying to look more like his chief GOP opponent, former President Donald Trump.

Although Biden professes great animus toward Trump and has repeatedly called him a danger to U.S. democracy, could he secretly be jealous of the way his tan makes him look vibrant and alive?

Hate to tell you, Mr. President, it's not the tan.

Although only three years separate Trump and Biden, the contrast is striking between them.

Biden's dramatic mental decline will become apparent when the two debate, if they do. Most think Biden will make some excuse to get out of debating, which may help keep people in the dark but could also backfire if people think Biden is afraid of what people will see.

At this point, people pretty much know that Biden is too old for another term as president, and the only ones still voting for him are people who really, really hate Trump.

Written By:
Jen Krausz

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