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 March 26, 2024

Biden's Hamas death count numbers highly inaccurate, researcher reveals

During his State of the Union address, President Biden referenced a Gaza death toll sourced from the Hamas-run Ministry of Health, approximating around 30,000 fatalities.

Abraham Wyner, a distinguished statistician from the University of Pennsylvania, has cast doubt on the accuracy of these figures.

The research

Wyner, a tenured professor specializing in statistics and data science at the prestigious Wharton School, brought attention to potential discrepancies in Hamas' casualty claims during an interview with Fox News Digital.

He suggested that the U.S.-designated terrorist organization might have inflated casualty numbers to bolster its narrative in the conflict with Israel.

These news pose a significant challenge to the credibility of casualty figures widely accepted by President Biden’s administration, the United Nations, and numerous mainstream media outlets.

Wyner's analysis indicates that the actual casualty rate, particularly concerning women and children, may significantly differ from Hamas' assertions.

Israel's numbers

The recent announcement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating that 13,000 terrorists had been killed in Gaza, further complicates the casualty figures provided by Hamas.

Wyner contests the assertion made by the Gaza Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, that the majority of the reported 30,000 Palestinian deaths since October 7 were children and women.

Wyner's scrutiny centers on statistical irregularities in Hamas' reporting, particularly regarding the gender distribution among casualties.

He questions the absence of variability in casualty rates, typically observed during wartime, suggesting potential inaccuracies in the data provided by Hamas.

The White House's response

When questioned about Biden's use of Hamas numbers, the White House reiterated the tragic loss of life in Gaza without directly addressing Wyner's findings. Despite President Biden expressing doubts about the Palestinian death toll, both he and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had previously cited Hamas numbers, only to retract them later.

While acknowledging the tragedy of civilian deaths in conflicts, Wyner emphasizes the critical need for accurate data to assess the situation objectively. He warns of the high stakes involved, suggesting that Hamas may seek to influence international opinion and pressure Israel through casualty figures.

The lack of correlation and verifiability in Hamas' data underscores the challenges in accurately assessing casualties in the Gaza conflict. As the conflict persists, the accuracy and reliability of casualty figures remain subject to scrutiny and debate, highlighting the complexities of reporting in conflict zones and the importance of independent verification mechanisms.

Written By:
Dillon Burroughs

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