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By Mae Slater on
 July 9, 2024

Biden Faces Increasing Pressure From Democrats To Step Aside As Trump Surges, Hunter Biden Reportedly Playing Advisor

President Joe Biden is encountering mounting pressure from within his party to step down as the Democratic nominee for the upcoming election, as high-ranking members express doubts about his candidacy. This internal dissent surfaces just weeks before the Democratic nominating convention in August.

The Independent reported that President Biden concluded a campaign swing through Pennsylvania, amid escalating calls from Democrats urging him to reconsider his candidacy. As Congress remains out of session until Monday, lawmakers are preparing to face intense pressure concerning the president's future.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has been vocal, calling on House Democrats to discuss Biden’s potential withdrawal.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, alongside other notable Democrats like Mark Takano and Adam Smith, has publicly urged Biden to step aside.

Internal Party Friction Intensifies

Despite these calls, some Democrats, like Don Beyer, continue to support Biden’s campaign, though Beyer has highlighted Biden's physical and cognitive challenges.

During a call with Jeffries and other Democrats, Beyer described Biden as “very, very fragile,” noting his difficulties in forming coherent sentences. Beyer’s spokesman later clarified that the congressman remains a supporter of Biden and was misunderstood.

In the Senate, no members have openly demanded Biden step down, though Senator Mark Warner is reportedly circulating a letter encouraging the president to do so. Meanwhile, Senators Bernie Sanders and Alex Padilla have declared they would not participate in efforts to pressure Biden.

The return of Congress on Monday is expected to amplify the pressure on Biden. One House Democrat expressed concern to Axios, predicting significant fallout, stating, “The s*** is going to hit the fan on Monday.” Lawmakers are anxious about their re-election prospects and the broader implications for the country and democracy.

Biden's struggles within the Democratic Party appear more severe than the internal discord faced by former President Donald Trump during the Republican primaries this year. Reports indicate Biden is relying heavily on a close circle of family members, with Hunter Biden acting as a key adviser and gatekeeper.

Calls From Biden Aim to Reassure

In an effort to quell concerns, Biden reached out to Alex Padilla on Saturday, sharing internal campaign polling and denying any significant loss of support. Padilla recounted Biden’s enthusiasm, saying, “He is as pumped and as eager as I’ve seen to make sure he’s taking this campaign seriously.”

Despite public support from some Democrats, many privately doubt Biden's ability to secure a victory in the upcoming election. With the Democratic nominating convention scheduled for August, Biden’s opponents have approximately a month to persuade him to step down.

Biden has publicly maintained his stance that he will not withdraw from the race. His campaign has accused the media of misunderstanding the stakes of the election, emphasizing Biden’s commitment to continue his campaign.

As the Democratic Party grapples with internal divisions, the future of Biden’s candidacy remains uncertain. The coming weeks will be critical as the party navigates this contentious issue ahead of the nominating convention.


In summary, President Biden faces increasing pressure from within his party to reconsider his candidacy for the upcoming election.

High-ranking Democrats are urging him to step aside, citing concerns about his physical and cognitive health. Despite public support from some quarters, many privately believe he cannot win. With the Democratic nominating convention just weeks away, Biden’s opponents are racing against time to convince him to withdraw, while Biden remains resolute in his decision to stay in the race.

Written By:
Mae Slater

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