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 November 30, 2022

Biden chooses drilling oil in U.S. adversary's territory rather than in oil-rich America

As America slogs through a fossil fuel energy crisis brought on primarily by President Joe Biden's unwillingness to do what's right for this country by sticking drills into the rich, oil-filled ground on which we live, the White House made an astonishingly dumb move this week.

According to The Daily Wire, while Americans were on their way to grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner, the Biden administration announced that it would begin allowing Chevron to pump Venezuelan oil.

The move was announced officially by the U.S. Treasury, which had previously placed restrictions on American companies drilling in South America.

As a result of the announcement, the Biden administration was hit from all angles.

Some pointed out the Biden administration's hypocrisy on the climate change nonsense, as if drilling for oil in other parts of the world doesn't contribute to their global warming delusion like it would here in America.

Others pointed out the metaphorical kick in the teeth of America's fossil fuel workers who lost their jobs due to the Biden administration's anti-drilling, anti-fossil fuel agenda while simultaneously creating oil jobs in a country considered an adversary of the United States.

But the situation is even more bizarre than it sounds.

An anonymous official reportedly told Politico that the sanctions on pumping Venezuelan oil were removed for reasons other than an attempt to lower gasoline prices.

"This action is not being taken in response to energy prices, this is a limited license," the anonymous official reportedly told Politico. "As we have said in the past, this is about the regime taking the steps needed to support the restoration of democracy in Venezuela."

The Daily Wire added: "Yet fighting climate change remains more important than helping the average American by taking steps to ensure more domestic production of oil. So to keep track of Biden's priorities it goes: 1) Venezuelan democracy, 2) climate change, and dead last is affordable energy for Americans."

Hopefully, when 2024 rolls around and we finally manage to elect a Republican president once again, we can then begin to reverse the insane amounts of damage that the radical progressive climate warriors of the Biden administration have done to the American energy economy.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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