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 September 6, 2023

Biden castigated for seeming to wander away from Medal of Honor ceremony

During a ceremony to bestow the Medal of Honor to a Vietnam veteran on Tuesday at the White House, a bizarre scene transpired, as reported by Red State.

President Joe Biden placed the medal around Taylor's neck and then saluted haphazardly, establishing a reasonably normal beginning. That's when the scene turned to confusion. Biden exited the room prior to the conclusion of the ceremony as the audience stood to acclaim.

As the cameraman follows Biden, he captures several individuals turning around and expressing confusion at what they are seeing.

People were still standing and applauding, although the closing benediction had not yet been given. However, the President abruptly left the stage and exited the room, leaving Taylor awkwardly standing there.

During the course of the conflict, Army Captain Larry Taylor flew UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra helicopters. During one terrifying mission, he rescued a four-member reconnaissance team that was under intense fire.

Because his Cobra attack helicopter only had space for two pilots, the soldiers clutched to the skids until Taylor could drop them off at a nearby American base.

Taylor completed approximately 2,000 combat missions and is one of the most decorated helicopter pilots in U.S. Army history. Given this, he had more than merited the Medal of Honor, which he received long after his military service.

Biden's explanation for leaving the Medal of Honor ceremony early the day before did not go down well on social media on Wednesday, despite support by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre was asked by reporters about Biden's departure after he presented a medal to Taylor. At previous Medal of Honor events, Biden stayed for the benediction. The press secretary claimed his early departure was prearranged despite widespread online criticism.

"He left as planned, as it was planned," Jean-Pierre told reporters. "He left when there was a pause in the program in order to minimize his close contact with attendees who are about to participate in a reception."

She added, "We've got to put this all in context. We planned for the president to leave when there was a pause in the program so that it would minimize him being in the room.

"He did just that. And I also would want to add that before the event started, the president spent a good amount of time with the captain, Capt. Taylor and his family. And everybody was masked because he wanted to spend that quality, important time."

Users on "X," formerly known as Twitter, doubted Jean-Pierre's explanation and ridiculed her attempt to explain away the situation.

FOX News contributor Joe Concha stated, "Biden was in close contact with people while maskless for the entire ceremony to that point. The way this press secretary continues to insult the intelligence of anyone above a 50 IQ is breathtaking."

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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