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 February 21, 2024

Biden barely beating Trump in dark blue New York, latest poll reveals

President Joe Biden's 2024 campaign continues to struggle to convince voters that he's the man for the job, again. 

While Biden's national polling is dismal and embarrassing, to say the least, his state-by-state polling isn't looking any better, including in dark blue states.

According to Mediaite, a new Siena College survey shows that Biden is struggling in New York, one of the bluest states in the country. His New York polling is below 50%, which is nothing less than a total nightmare for his campaign managers.

The news presumably rocked the campaign and his supporters, as New York has never been much of an issue for a Democratic presidential candidate.

Small lead

Astonishingly, at this point, Biden has only managed to garner a 12-point lead in New York against former President Donald Trump (48%-36%).

Mediaite noted that Biden will likely not lose New York to Trump, but the numbers he's pulling are indicative of how voters feel about the elderly, increasingly-confused president.

The outlet noted:

While the results hardly indicate that Biden is in any danger of losing New York, it does speak to his unpopularity and the lack of enthusiasm for him across the country. A little over three years ago, Biden sailed to victory over Trump in the state by a little over 23%.

But as the outlet also pointed out, data within the latest New York poll shows other warning signs of just how unpopular Biden is among some of the most Democrat-leaning voters in the country.

There are more warning signs for Biden in the crosstabs. The incumbent would lose independents by 12 points, the historically Democratic Jewish population by 9, and only manages to tie Trump (39%-39%) in the suburbs, where the Republican performed poorly in 2020.

Data from the poll was posted to X, showing all of the demographics and support for the two leading candidates.

It gets worse

As Mediaite correctly noted, Biden trails Biden nationally according to the latest RealClearPolitics numbers, and also trails him in many of the crucial swing states that will likely decide the election.

Biden has lost support from many key groups and Demographics, while Trump, even amid a mountain of legal challenges, has gained support from demographics that past Republican presidents could not.

Even the mainstream media is having an exceedingly difficult time spinning the numbers, as most polls favor Trump decisively.

Only time will tell if that changes, but so far, Biden's campaign trajectory looks like it's headed straight for the trash bin.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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