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 December 16, 2022

Biden admits he doesn't know when Americans can expect inflation to come down

During a weird victory lap this week over slightly-less-devastating inflation numbers, President Joe Biden made an admission that should shake all of us to our very cores. 

At a press conference on Tuesday, where Biden barely managed to get through the teleprompter script full of spin regarding the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) news, he was quizzed at the end by several reporters, one of which seemed to grab his attention.

The question was simple: When will inflation not be a thing? When will we finally see some relief? Again, a reasonable and simple question.

"Can you say when you expect prices to get back to normal, Mr. President?" the reporter asked.

"I hope by the end of next year we're much closer, but I can't make that prediction," Biden said. "I just — I'm convinced they're not going to go up. I'm convinced they're going to continue to go down."

President Biden, nobody -- and I mean nobody -- expects you to know exactly when your inflation crisis will simmer down, but a general idea of where you think we're headed would be nice.

If the U.S. president can't even tell us that things will improve "by the end of next year," which would be 2023, then we'd better pull up our bootstraps because it's going to be one nasty ride from now to then, at least for most hard-working Americans.

Justifiably so, Biden was slammed across social media for his uninspiring answer to the reporter's question.

"Just before the next presidential election? How convenient," one Twitter user wrote.

"Prices never 'get back to normal.' Inflation in the age of fiat money is permanent. There is never a deflationary period without depression," another user wrote.

Only time will tell if hard-working Americans ever escape the grip of Bidenflation. Still, it just underscores how crucially important it is for Republicans to get their acts together for the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

Most of us are sick and tired of paying the price for the Democrats' out-of-control spending, and it's high time that someone puts a stop to it before it's too late.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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