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 January 16, 2023

Biden administration urges illegal aliens to spy on american citizens in exchange for huge reward

The Department of Homeland Security announced an expedited deportation "relief" process for illegal immigrants who report their employers on Friday, according to a report in The Western Journal.

To put it another way, illegal immigrants will be compensated for tipping off American citizens who hire them.

Business owners who hire illegal immigrants have been labeled as "predatory actors" by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has vowed to hold them accountable.

“The updated policy is an expansion of the principles Mayorkas outlined in a memo from October 2021 regarding immigration enforcement within workplaces,” the Post Millennial reported.

The memo stated:

"Our worksite enforcement efforts can have a significant impact on the well-being of individuals and the fairness of the labor market. Our accomplishments in this are a make clear that we can maximize the impact of our efforts by focusing on unscrupulous employers who exploit the vulnerability of undocumented workers.

The memo went on to explain what the objectionable actions that the department would be were that the department would be focusing on, pointing out that their application to children was of particular interest.

"These employers engage in illegal acts ranging from the payment of substandard wages to imposing unsafe working conditions and facilitating human trafficking and child exploitation. Their culpability compels the intense focus of our enforcement resources."

Additionally, the DHS memo pointed out that if the actions went unchecked, it could create further problems they believe it would cause in the labor market:

"In addition, unscrupulous employers harm each worker competing for a job. By exploiting undocumented workers and paying them substandard wages, the unscrupulous employers create an unfair labor market. They also unfairly drive down their costs and disadvantage their business competitors who abide by the law."

According to Jack Gist of The Western Journal, the DHS's reaction was reminiscent of communist dictators encouraging people to spy on their neighbors. It reminds me of an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn novel in which everyone, including their own families, is afraid of everyone else.

According to the DHS website, “under existing regulations, a noncitizen granted deferred action may apply for and obtain employment authorization for the period of deferred action if they demonstrate ‘an economic necessity for employment.'”

Unless the "noncitizen" is a drug dealer, human trafficker, or independently wealthy, he is likely to have an "economic necessity for employment."

Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, are given a full pass. They get to stay in the country, legally work, and, presumably, pay taxes on their earnings.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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