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 April 22, 2024

Biden Administration Invests $2 Million To Boost Diversity In Marine Science And Climate Fields

Amid soaring inflation and a precarious economy, the Biden administration has seen fit to spend millions of dollars pushing diversity initiatives.

The Daily Wire reported that the Biden administration has committed to spending more than $2 million to push diversity in marine biology and climate science, claiming that the fields were “some of the least diverse STEM disciplines.”

The initiative springs from a broader NSF strategy, fortified by a $9.9 billion annual budget, to tackle racial disparities across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

One significant project funneling these ideals into action is led by Chrystal George Mwangi from George Mason University. Her three-year study, which kicked off in September 2023, focuses on embedding anti-racist educational methods within STEM disciplines, particularly emphasizing the incorporation of BIPOC narratives and perspectives.

The Biden administration is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on racially divisive nonsense and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Major Funding Allocations To Promote Diversity In Universities

This extensive study, set to conclude in August 2026, seeks to devise a scalable framework that supports equitable practices across STEM fields. To facilitate this, significant funding has been allocated to several institutions: George Mason University is set to receive $1.2 million, while Temple University will benefit from $400,000.

Further financial support includes $375,000 granted to the University of South Carolina and $327,000 to Salem State University. These funds are earmarked specifically for developing programs that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their respective STEM departments.

Additionally, Florida International University has been awarded $323,000 to innovate its engineering classrooms with the aim of enhancing racial equity, signaling a shift towards more inclusive educational landscapes in engineering.

Innovative Research Aims To Change Engineering and Science Cultures

The NSF is not only investing in institutional support but also in research exploring various social dynamics within STEM. Notable studies funded include those on "Latina resistance" and "intra minority solidarity," receiving close to $500,000 and over $600,000 in funding, respectively.

These studies are part of a broader federal movement toward bolstering DEI initiatives across different agencies. Both the Department of Defense and the Department of the Interior have undertaken similar expenditures to foster a more inclusive workforce. The latter celebrated transgender visibility with a special screening discussing queer representation in marine biology.

On the political front, former President Donald Trump has vocalized plans to overhaul civil service protections to enable easier dismissal of federal employees, aiming to dismantle what he describes as the "deep state." In response, President Joe Biden has strengthened these protections to preserve policy continuity and shield civil service employees from such reforms.

Experts Emphasize Need For Systemic Changes In STEM Education

Chrystal George Mwangi articulated the mission of her study, stating their commitment to "advancing change in structures and sociocultural practices in MCS [Marine and Climate Sciences] that can improve their racial equity outcomes."

The initiative also places a spotlight on the role of educators, with critiques outlined in project grants proposing that "engineering professors are not engaging as active change agents for racial equity in their own classroom." This identifies a gap in the personal commitment of instructors towards fostering inclusive environments.

The broader perspective of this initiative connects the pursuit of racial equity to overall improvements in STEM education and workforce readiness. According to NSF program materials, this initiative supports investigations and practical projects aimed at exploring how integrating racial equity considerations can advance the broader educational and professional landscape in STEM.

Impact of Political Policies on Diversity Initiatives in Education

As former President Trump promotes significant changes to civil service, the implications for educational and diversity policies loom large. Trump wants to destroy wasteful and divisive DEI initiatives.

Conversely, President Biden's recent moves aim to safeguard existing policies that support diversity and inclusion across federal agencies, including educational establishments that benefit from federal funding.

In conclusion, the Biden administration's $2 million investment in diversifying marine biology and climate science is part of a larger, multi-faceted effort involving numerous federal bodies and educational institutions. These initiatives extend beyond immediate educational reforms to encompass broader societal impacts, aiming to foster an inclusive atmosphere that benefits all practitioners within the fields of science and technology.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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