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 November 10, 2022

Biden administration caught providing illegal immigrants with abortions

The Biden administration is quietly providing illegal immigrants with abortions through guidelines issued by its Department of Health and Human Services, the Western Journal reported. This has far-reaching implications for the unborn as well as the mothers who may be victims of abuse.

In October 2021, the HHS's Office of Refugee Resettlement updated its policy to read that "unaccompanied children … who are pregnant and seeking an abortion" would be transported to states where it was legally allowed. This was enacted in the wake of a Texas law that limited abortions.

Once Roe v. Wade was overturned and sent the issue back to individual states, the agency went into overdrive. However, the administration's zeal for providing abortions has an even more sinister side -- hiding abuse.

Studies show that girls who undergo abortions as adolescents are often the victims of sexual abuse. Between the link with abuse and the increasing prevalence of human trafficking at the border, it's all but guaranteed that girls will be forced into the procedure to cover the crimes of their attackers.

"Providing abortions for these minor migrant children who are being trafficked, that's one way to eliminate the evidence of crime," Noah Brandt, director of government affairs, told the publication. "So, of course, the consequence of the Biden administration's action here is going to be what they've intended for it to be," he added.

"It will be more abortions for migrant children, and how are migrant children getting pregnant? It's because they're being trafficked," Brandt said.

Experts believe that as many as 70% of migrants may be sexually abused, whether trafficked or not. Unaccompanied minors are at the highest risk of abuse, often becoming unwilling participants in creating child pornography or being used as drug mules.

Rather than vetting the sponsors in charge of these minors, the Biden administration has "cut corners" on the process. The only thing they have to offer a child who is pregnant and likely the victim of abuse is an abortion.

"It's a very sad statement that the Biden administration's response to the problem of sexual assault on migrant girls is to offer them abortions, rather than to change their policies so that people do not take this risk," Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studios at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Western Journal. "The Biden administration is trying to deal with a symptom of the problem."

However, even without explicit abuse, girls who seek abortions often do so under duress. "In a recent study of women's abortion experiences, 58.3 percent reported aborting to make others happy, and 73.8 percent said their decision to abort was not free from outside pressure," women's advocate Patrina Mosley wrote.

"Homicide due to intimate partner violence is a leading cause of death during pregnancy. Imagine how much greater the coercive pressure to abort is on women who are being sexually exploited for profit," Mosley said.

Abortion is a blight on society as it is. However, the U.S. government providing abortions that cover up abuse makes this horrendous crime even worse.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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