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 October 14, 2023

BBC journalist resigns after network refuses to label Hamas as 'terrorists'

Even as Hamas terrorists committed some of the most atrocious and horrific acts known to mankind against women, children, and the elderly, many left-leaning news outlets still refused to label them as "terrorists." 

According to Breitbart, the BBC was one of those outlets, and the notion that it wouldn't call Hamas terrorists was so upsetting to one journalist that he tendered his resignation.

Noah Abrahams, a Jewish BBC reporter, said during a recent "TalkTV" interview that he's resigning from the popular British outlet for its refusal to call Hamas terrorists what they are.

"British Jews are terrified, and so am I. And I’ve just made a really monumental career and life decision. So as with everyone I’m going through a hard time at the moment," Abrahams said.

He was then asked if his reason for leaving the BBC was because of it's unwillingness to call Hamas terrorists. Abrahams held nothing back as he confirmed.

"That is correct. I have morals, and I stick by them. I think the words justified and unjustified have been thrown around a lot since the weekend. I think the BBC’s refusal to use the correct terminology is unjustified," he said, unapologetically.

Abrahams added, "Words are quite literally fundamental to the English language. They have impact on how we think, how we react, how we act. They have influence. The phrase freedom fighter distracts from the terrorism."

He made clear that he, and millions of others, believe that nothing should be held back when describing the cowards who attacked Israel last week.

"These people aren’t freedom fighters or, as John Simpson refers to them, gunmen. They’re terrorists. There are probably people watching who think, ‘My God, this boys has thrown it all away for some words,’ but words – when neglected – have the power to fuel hate and put fuel on the fire," Abrahams said.

"British Jews are terrified and so am I. And I don’t feel like I can stand by the BBC any longer with their stance on terminology."

Abrahams was widely praised across social media for taking a stance, as it became sickening to many others to listen to liberal networks label Hamas as "militants" or "gunmen."

One X user wrote, "Guts. That took guts."

It absolutely took guts, but he made the right call. Given his willingness to speak up, he shouldn't have a problem finding a new position in the field, with networks that aren't afraid to call Hamas what they are.

Written By:
Ryan Ledendecker

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