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 December 25, 2022

Author Chris Whipple reveals Joe Biden was "dropping f-bombs" over failing immigration policies

President Joe Biden was reportedly "dropping f-bombs" because his immigration policies failed to stem the tide of illegal border crossings, Breitbart reported. This information comes from "The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House" by Chris Whipple.

Whipple was granted "extensive access to Biden administration officials while writing the book" that covers the first two years of Biden's presidency. The book is set to be released next month, according to Fox News.

In it, Whipple outlined Biden's struggles in 2021 as the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border reached a crisis point. Nothing Biden was doing was working, and his fledgling administration was facing harsh criticism.

“Meanwhile, illegal immigrants kept arriving. And Biden was furious," Whipple wrote.

"Aides had rarely seen him so angry. From all over the West Wing, you could hear the president cursing, dropping f-bombs (he’d always apologize when women were present)," Whipple added.

Biden was angered at the "lack of solutions," according to what one senior adviser told Whipple. "It’s like, ‘How would you feel if you were me and these were the solutions you had?’ It’s the weight of the presidency, right?'" the adviser noted.

Of course, the solutions Biden tried were destined for failure. Firstly, the administration dismantled Trump-era policies that had worked, like building a border wall and enacting the Migrant Protection Protocols.

Then, he gave the job of border security to Vice President Kamala Harris, whom Biden once called a "work in progress." What followed was the administration's efforts to curb immigration using concepts like looking for root causes and restoring legal asylum pathways.

These predictably did nothing but result in 1.7 million encounters with migrants by Border Patrol for the fiscal year 2021. The next year was even worse, with more than 200,000 encounters per month over several months.

Even now, this issue is expected to persist if the administration abolishes Title 42, which allowed the government to turn away thousands of immigrants based on public health.  The provision is still making its way through the courts but would be equivalent to a dam bursting if all comers were allowed in once again.

However, it wasn't just his failures on illegal immigration that had the president spewing swear words. Whipple said the only thing that made Biden angrier was so-called "vaccine disinformation."

"Next to vaccine disinformation, this was the thing that made Biden’s blood boil," Whipple observed. The author also thought the president was increasingly "on a short fuse" as his time in office went on.

"Early in his term, he had reserved the f-bomb mostly for discussions of the southern border, but lately he was using it more often," Whipple wrote. Biden has always had a foul mouth, but age and pressure clearly made it much worse.

Biden was sold as the candidate who stood for decency and civility in contrast to former President Donald Trump's volatility. However, just like most other tales told during the campaign, the narrative flies directly in the face of the truth about who and what Biden is.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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