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 September 12, 2023

AOC's fans turn on her after she called inflation "propaganda" generated by "greedy shareholders"

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was excoriated after she shared a video that called inflation in America "propaganda" generated by "greedy shareholders," the Daily Wire reported. The video was from the left-wing Aotearoa Liberation League in New Zealand.

Cortez posted the video to her Instagram, and the New York Post's man-on-the-street interviews revealed that it was not well received. "The price of everything keeps going up; meanwhile, the corporations selling those things are making massive profits," the video claimed.

“The goal of the capitalist is to disconnect these two facts from one another. So they use this concept of inflation," the filmmakers asserted.

"The propaganda around inflation and cost of living is so powerful that we forget the very basic fact that corporations set the prices for their products," the video claimed. "If a corporation raises its prices and then makes record profits, that’s not some invisible monster. It’s just a bunch of greedy shareholders."

Meanwhile, the people who live in the 14th Congressional District where she serves were floored that Cortez could be so tone-deaf. "Is AOC crazy? Has she been to a grocery store recently? " a 41-year-old single mother of three and certified nursing assistant told the Post.

"$1,000 ain’t nothing no more. $100 ain’t nothing no more. Maybe she should spend some time in the projects and really help people," the woman said.

"I’m working two jobs just to survive. I kill myself just to feed my family," she continued. "It’s much worse now than it was before the pandemic."

A 55-year-old man expressed similar financial woes. "I had to cash in my 401K," he said.

"The last few years have been very rough. You go in a store with $100, and it buys almost nothing. I don’t understand why (AOC) isn’t taking this more seriously," the man said.

Jean Torres, a 72-year-old Puerto Rican-born retired teacher from the Bronx, said that Cortez "does not represent true Hispanic beliefs or values" in the way she conducts herself. "Puerto Ricans have traditional family values which she does not represent," Torres said.

"And for her to act as if inflation being something other than the government’s fault? Well, since I don’t have someone to pay for my $30,000 dress for a gala like she did, it’s much easier for me to see the truth," Torres added.

"AOC should not be in Congress. She’s not helping us; she’s hurting us with her rhetoric and her policies," she concluded.

The people who live in the real world feel the pinch of the inflation that Cortez agrees is somehow manufactured. However, the numbers speak for themselves, as energy has spiked by 37.2% while prices overall increased by 18.3%, according to Roll Call.

Cortez is part of the ruling class of Democrats that has ignored the plight of everyday Americans. If the people in her left-leaning district are beginning to see it, that could spell bad news for her party in the upcoming elections and beyond.

Written By:
Christine Favocci

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