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 February 20, 2024

Amid Biden scandals, Rogan says Democrats are'setting up Gavin Newsom' for 2024 presidential run

Joe Rogan, host of the Joe Rogan Show, has hypothesized that California Governor Gavin Newsom would replace Joe Biden as the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 2024.

According to a report by Fox News, concerns regarding Biden's mental acuity had been mounting since before he became president, but they reached a peak following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report, in which Biden was characterized as a "sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

From the Podcast

"Basically, you can't prosecute this guy because he's non compos mentis, but you can let him run for the President of the United States in November… so that's the, that's the world that we've managed to get into," Rogan’s guest, fellow podcast host Chris Williamson said.

"Don’t you think that that’s a ruse, him running for president?" Rogan asked, later arguing, "I think they’re gonna get rid of him, I think they’re gonna move him out, they’re gonna force him to step down. That’s what I think."

Rogan continued, "If I had to guess, and it's just speculation, I'd say they're setting up Gavin Newsom for it."

He continued by saying that "more and more" of Biden's scandals are getting attention, including the one about Biden's mental acuity, the one about his alleged ties to Burisma, and the one about his well-paid "honorary" position as Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at Penn.

Biden's Cushy Position

Despite only delivering around a dozen lectures and presentations and never having taught a full semester's course, Biden made almost $900,000 even as an honorary appointment. Neither did Biden have any administrative duties or participate in any research while at the university.

Additionally, Rogan brought up the fact that the university in question—which happens to be home to Biden's think tank—received funding from entities associated with the CCP not long ago.

Rogan made fun of the UPenn job, calling it a "million dollar a year gig" where "he didn't even have to show up," and also compared it to "old school, that's like mafia stuff."

The way he put it, it was like a "mob job"—where someone is offered a job with no responsibilities as part of a big deal—especially in the past, when criminal organizations would collude with businesses in the sanitation or construction industries to launder money.

More of Rogan's Comments

The host continued by saying that Biden's role as president makes the whole thing more comical since "he's making stuff up, calls people the wrong name, he talks about someone that's dead, it's constant."

As a result of his tendency to micromanage his public appearances, Rogan and his guest made fun of Biden's meticulously planned cue card notes.

Rogan said, "It's amazing... he just can't keep a thought in his head when he starts talking about things, he forgets what he's talking about all the time and goes ‘Well whatever,’ he just says, ‘Well, whatever,’ and just drifts off."

Biden, according to Williamson, held an emergency news conference following the release of the Hur report, which he strongly disagreed with, calling it a "particularly good idea."

"How did it go?" Rogan asked.

"I would say suboptimally," Williamson answered, sparking laughter from Rogan.

Written By:
Charlotte Tyler

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