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 April 3, 2023

Alvin Bragg's indictment of Trump could backfire in an unexpected way

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is looking to put former President Donald Trump behind bars, but, according to one legal expert, Bragg may end up putting himself in prison. 

Alan Dershowitz - the renowned defense attorney and Harvard law professor - published an article on Friday in which he argued that "it is likely that a serious felony has been committed right under District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s nose."

The article is titled, As effort to "Get Trump" ramps up, are leaks from Bragg's grand jury a crime? 

In it, Dershowitz explains:

Under New York law, it is a felony to leak confidential grand jury information, such as whether the jurors voted to indict. The protection of secrecy is as applicable to President Trump as it is to anyone else.

Dershowitz adds, "we know that the information was disclosed while the indictment itself remains sealed and before any official announcement was made or charges brought."

This is indeed the case.

The news that Trump has been indicted was first released on Thursday. On top of this, some outlets - such as the Associate Press - have reported, "Trump is facing multiple charges of falsifying business records, including at least one felony offense."

This information has been revealed despite the fact that the indictment itself remains sealed. So, as Dershowitz says, at least one leak has taken place.

Dershowitz went on to speculate about the source of the leak. He wrote:

It is unlikely that the leak came from the Trump team, which seemed genuinely surprised. The most likely, though uncertain, scenario is that a person in Mr. Bragg’s office or a grand juror unlawfully leaked the sealed information. That would be a class E felony, subject to imprisonment.

This will be something to keep an eye on.

In the meantime, Dershowitz - who is certainly not pro-Trump or any type of Republican - believes that Bragg's indictment of Trump is likely bogus. Dershowitz believes that Bragg is politically motivated and probably does not have the evidence to support whatever charges he is bringing against Trump.

In addition to committing a crime with regard to the leak, Dershowitz has previously argued that there is one scenario where Bragg could end up being disbarred, that is, if he allows former Trump attorney Michael Cohen to testify despite Cohen's credibility issues.

“It’s unethical to put a witness on the stand who you know is lying, and he has to know that Cohen will be lying,” Dershowitz said.

So, in Dershowitz's opinion - which is based on six decades of legal experience - there are multiple ways that this whole situation could seriously backfire on Bragg. That's not to mention the momentum that Trump 2024 is already gaining from the indictment.

Written By:
Robert Ayers

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