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 July 22, 2023

Air Force One stairs shortened to hide Joe Biden's mobility issues

Politico reported that the White House has changed the stairs for Air Force One presumably to hide President Joe Biden's escalating mobility problems.

President Biden is America's oldest President ever and both his mental and physical health are declining as one would expect of an 80-year-old. While many Americans have focused on his mental decline, his physical decline has been just as alarming.

Politico reported that, "Biden downplays age talk — but subtle accommodations are being made. From the dinners declined, to the way he boards Air Force One and the shoes he wears, Biden’s routines are changing."

To see a left-leaning organization acknowledge the President's age is further indication that things are getting out of hand.

The White House has spent the past few years doing everything to cover up Biden's aging. Now it seems that things have gone too far and the White House and its allies can no longer hide the truth from Americans.

Time taking its toll

The most visible sign of Biden's physical decline has been the recent changes to Air Force One in the form of shorter stairs at the back of the plane in order to prevent Biden from tripping while boarding.

Many videos capturing the President's inability to climb the old stairs have gone viral creating massive headaches for the Biden administration.

Politico's report continued saying, "Biden boarded [Air Force One] using the shorter set of retractable stairs that fold into the belly of the plane. The routine began a few months ago, the president increasingly avoiding the grander, more traditional doorway near the front of the aircraft on the main passenger level, higher above the tarmac."

Of course, the White House still refuses to admit there is an issue despite a physical examination finding that Biden has a stiff gait and neuropathy in the feet.

For many, the question of whether a person who has trouble moving around  should be President is an easy one. Our enemies aren't intimidated by a man who's greatest enemy is a flight of stairs.

Whats next

President Biden's decline has been evident since he first took to the campaign trail in 2019. Now four years later, his decline has been substantial and another term in office seems unthinkable.

None of that has stopped the Democrat Party from going full steam ahead with Biden in 2024 despite the very real possibility of him not making it through another four years.

Democrats have other talent they could go with like California Governor Gavin Newsom and yet they are determined to die on the hill of an octogenarian being President.

This will have consequences for the nation as the world continues to become more dangerous. Both Russia and China are determined to unseat us and undermine our influence around the globe and we need strong leadership if we are to survive the challenges ahead of us.

Written By:
Robert Hoel

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