June 12, 2021

Zeldin: Adam Schiff would be facing jail time if he wasn’t in Congress

It’s no secret that any American caught lying to U.S. Congress faces the possibility of a stiff prison sentence, but the one exception to that rule is that if you’re actually a sitting member of Congress, then lying to your colleagues is apparently just fine and sometimes even rewarded.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) pointed out that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) would be in jail if he wasn’t a member of Congress after claiming in a recent CNN interview — with zero evidence — that the damaging emails released from Hunter Biden’s laptop were nothing more than a Russian disinformation campaign.

“If you lie to Congress, you can go to jail for a long time. On the other hand, liars who are actually in Congress like Schiff instead get rewarded with increased power and title,” Zeldin said.

According to Breitbart, Zeldin reacted via Twitter to Schiff’s own line of actual disinformation concerning the explosive Biden email story that broke last week.

Schiff echoed former Vice President Joe Biden’s extremely limited response to the issue in his interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Sunday, calling the bombshell emails a “smear campaign” and insisting that the entire thing originated from the Kremlin.

“We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin, that’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about this vice president and his son,” Schiff said, while failing to provide any evidence for his assertion.

As Fox News reported, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made crystal clear on Sunday that not a single U.S. intelligence agency was aware of a single shred of evidence backing Schiff’s claim, telling Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that the intelligence community “doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that.”

Even worse, while much of the mainstream media refuses to report on what would otherwise be the story of the decade if it involved one of President Donald Trump’s children, they’re seemingly more than happy to report Schiff’s baseless claims that it’s nothing more than a Kremlin hit job and should be written off as such.

To many Americans, Schiff’s false cry of Kremlin interference is nothing more than further proof that Democrats and their mainstream media shield are working overtime to prevent Joe Biden’s presidential campaign from falling apart like a wet paper bag.

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71 Responses

    1. The entire gang of criminals including schitt, biden hunter, obutthear, puklosie, hitlery, bill, etc. all need to be
      in prison.
      Semper Fi

        1. There is a prison La. fit for them . If someone does escape and and travel over 20 miles of gators and occasional poachers then they are free . If shot in the marshes and swamps here , You become a meal , alive or dead . Send him here and let escape with a digital tracker in his arm to make sure they are “caught” .

    2. This is exactly what should happen to all these crooks n criminals in government. ALL OF THEM PROSECUTED N IN PRISON NOW.

      1. The least congress can do is kick him out of Congress and if he keeps running lies then u can lock the little weasel up

    3. He’s been lying to the American people for the past 20 years. Only during the past four years it has become so much more obvious. You can’t honestly believe anything Adam Schiff says. It is time for him to be removed from office. That is, IF the liberals in his district have the brains and integrity to do so,

    4. Congress and the MSM are working in concert! They are one and the same. They’ve gotten their marching orders from Nancp and Chuckyboy and if they don’t toe the line, they will be on the outs. But the silent majority will prevail and then you are going to see the crying towels start coming out!

    5. That is something a lot of people would like to see. Well deserved it would be. He cost US taxpayers a chunk of change with his lying.

    1. NAY, lets let them ALL have Alcatraz, ,heard its a dump! Lets let them all work up a little sweat and clean it up! Leave what ever materials need to make the place at least healthy. Take food out to them 2 times a week. Anyone caught by boat or swiming gets more jail time. Gitmo was all fixed up for bo muzzie buddies. If still there, still too nice for all the rats! That includes the rioters, they are used to the streets. OH and NO cooks or maids! Fend for yourselves!

  1. I’m sick and tired of all this criminal activity going on and no one is going to jail. If there is criminal activity put the son — a ——- in jail or quit telling us what they have done. I’m sick and damn tired of hearing all this

    1. How can it be that past VP Joe Biden’s son is not in JAIL???? How can it be that past VP Joe Biden is still in the running for PRESIDENT ???? Have we all missed something very important??? How about an early morning
      RAID on the home for starters???? I’ve seen others given that kind of service for less damning evidence. WHO
      is asleep at the wheel?? Good grief this is the worst!!! Can you get your heads together to clean this up?

      1. They should align the once that have to do that job and put them in jail also for taking their Misérable

    2. Man you got that right, throw a couple of them in jail and they’ll be singing like a canary after a couple of weeks.

  2. Truth be known Hunter is just like his father Joe biden tthey are both liers they both need to go to jail they both are not above the Law.

  3. This is the reason the democrats/Pelosi want Biden for president to covered up all their lies/action. Remember that I mentioned that this was there planning to not going to prison. Biden/Harris will cover/protect the bad evil democrats. We need President Trump again. If not we/Americans are screw up for good.

    We need to drain the swamp immediately. Put all bad evil democrats/Pelosi/Obama and Clinton in prison for life. Dump them out in the ocean out of nowhere. Americans people are fed up with the bad evil democrats people.

    Lock them up. Go vote for Trump.

  4. Tim you are not alone in hearing about the criminal activities of so many members of the democratic party,from Obama , Clinton(S), Pelosi,to Schitt. All too much Blah and no results.Ditto the esteemed Judicial Watch. Action needed ASAP

  5. This POS bas been lying to Congress and the American people for years. Send the worthless Commie pig to GTMO, and don’t spare the torture.

  6. So true! Every time something comes out bad about any of the demonrats, it is “ Russian disinformation” unless it is about a Republican! So sick and tired of their sorry crap, we need to vote ALL of them out and ban them from holding any office! Buggy eyed schiff is nutty as a fruitcake! HOW did he get on the intelligence committee? He certainly shows little to no intelligence!

  7. There should be no way they should be able to lie and not be put on trial and jailer we need to take that out of the rules and enforce it to the letter of the law no amnesty for any of there crimes it is just another way to try and mislead the American people to believe there false narrative

  8. Schiff is lying regarding our President is Sedition…Nancy Pelosi should not be able to save him. How many times can this lying scumbag creep do this? Put him away he is the biggest pathological liar. No one is above the law, especially Pencil neck Adam Schiff. This lying trouble maker should not be left before Congress to continue to lie…Get rid of him now.

  9. Republicans, including Trump(and I’m a supporter), don’t have the balls to prosecute ANY Democrat! I don’t know why.

  10. Being a prominent politician is all the more reason that schitt should be held accountable. JAIL ADAM SCHITT!

  11. Hunter Biden dropped those computers off to have them fixed! Those e-mails were on those computers! Are you telling us that HUNTER had Russian Contact also?? The Loonie Left will never admit to their devious ways!! Their LIARS and after watching what they have done for the past almost 4 years to the Citizens of this Country it has just confirmed for me what they really are! They simply LIE a lot and tell you they care but they only CARE about THEMSELVES and their POWER OVER US!
    Their Corrupt to the CORE, with some Republicans I might add! Their angry because they know that Trump knows their secrets and their scared to death it’s all going to be REVEALED! It is!! God says NOTHING WILL REMAIN HIDDEN THAT WILL NOT BE REVEALED!! God keeps HIS WORD!! Unlike the LEFT!

  12. Schiff needs to be put in place, He has lied to much and got a way with it, Its high time he was put in Jail. Evert body keeps saying someone is going to Jail, the Republicans say it , FBI says it, Barr says it, But NOBODY goes to Jail. Their are so many Democrats that should have gone to jail, but they are like Hillary , everrybody talks but no action.

  13. As usual the politicians set up laws to protect themselves. ALL PEOPLE HAVE TO DO IS STOP AND THINK FOR A MINUTE. The US press CERTAINLY doesn’t want Biden to lose, and Russia CERTAINLY would like Biden to win! For that matter, so would Communist China. The entire RUSSIA HOAX was disingenuous from the start! Simply ask the normal question anyone asks when determining whether some statement is logical or not; “WHO BENEFITS.” Trump has put more sanctions on Russia than any other president. FACT. BIDEN has signaled his willingness to accept bribes if it benefits himself or his family. Biden also shows he is willing to ABUSE THE POWER OF HIS OFFICE to protect his son or family. If it was Trump using federal money to BLACKMAIL a foreign country to protect HIS son, it would be GROUNDS FOR A SECOND IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATION! The radical DEMs have sent our country down a dark tunnel that leads to the end of the American “Experiment” and the corruption, deception and injustice must be stopped. Any sane person will vote for Trump, and I believe they will. HOWEVER, I HAVE YET TO SEE WHY ANYONE SHOULD TRUST THE FBI UNDER, “I SEE NO EVIDENCE OF VOTING FRAUD” WRAY! Trump needs to CLEAN HOUSE AT THE FBI AND DOJ! HE CAN ADD THIS TO HIS LIST OF DELIVERABLES FOR HIS SECOND TERM! OR MAYBE HIS THIRD? FOR SCHIFF? COLLECT THE EVIDENCE AND WAIT UNTIL WE HAVE A CHANCE OF JUSTICE AGAIN, THEN NAIL HIM! 20 YEARS OF HARD LABOR!

  14. obama is a out and out criminal –He should be put in jail for all the bad things he did to this nation while a president. He should never get another job of any kind in any government.

  15. HOW can democrats continue to get away with lying and cheating?? Surely there must be LAW’S that should able them to be prosecuted!! Schiff should already be behind bars in a prison and piglosi, bill & hillary and obama and many others should also be prosecuted!! Where is the Justice for America’s Citizens!! DOJ Barr & Durham, You Both are letting this corruption go way way to long,, Do Your Jobs , Prosecute and Punish these Lying Anti-American Crooks! We The People Expect & Demand this of You or you are no better than them!!!

    1. Maybe we the ppl should start protesting for all of them to be prosecuted n imprisoned now. This is ludicrous to the core.

  16. President Trump, it is time to change the laws in congress. Adam Schiff should be put out in public and let the people know what has been going on. The corruption is mind blowing. No wonder they hate religion. How is it that this is even allowed. Attorney General William Barr, please put a stop to this. I know you’re plate is full but this is REALLY important. Everyone in office who has been caught lying to the American people to suit their own causes should be thrown in jail.

  17. I believe in Freedom of the Press but the Biased Fake Media has totally gotten away from True Investigative Reporting!! A change is needed to make any publication Responsible, Accountable & Liable!!!

  18. False information, bull 💩 SCHIFF. Let’s talk about the emails that Bevan Cooney has on his Gmail account!!! 26 thousand of them, DID Russia hack his computer too?????
    SCHIFF you’re nothing but a LIAR!!!!!


  20. Being in Congress or House of Representatives should Not Exempt you from the Law, We The People are held accountable too!!

  21. I think I’m speaking for millions of Americans True views, both Democrats and Republicans!! God Bless America!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. The fact that no one is incarcerated on the lying left is very very frustrating and getting tiresome. Their are angry people that are talking of alternate ways, I don’t blame them at all! We need a few more articles to the BOR! Included mental stability, Immunity because of title from prosecution and incarceration, breach of promise, term limits, and a bunch more. We are tired of the cesspool floaters who seem to hogtie you and you can do nothing about it is BS!

  23. Thus is why the “left” is fighting ,so hard !! Knowing it going to come ,sooner ,or later, If Trump is re-elected,And he will be !! Short rope !!

    1. Prison is to good for this parasite, him and Vindman should be set up for a Crossfire…Enough taxpayers dollars have already been spend by these idiots…

  24. On the final day of his job, being removed with the handcuffs out the doorway greeting him…
    That would be called KARMA is full degree

  25. Have we not learned by now that the left can do whatever they want and never be held accountable. They lie. They spy. They use the FBI, CIA, the NSA and other departments to try to remove a president. They allow useless and baseless whistleblower claims. They bring in liars to accuse a judge nominee. They are never held accountable. Never.

  26. The injustice to all this is the politicians get away with all their crimes The Amercian people have to go to jail. Makes no sense to me

  27. Isn’t that interesting because on the internet I read two different e-mails where Putin said he could work with Biden so It seemed he didn’t care so why would he interfer just another lie by the DemocRATS

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