June 30, 2022

YouTube bans Trump indefinitely

The attack on free speech is accelerating exponentially. Big Tech is steamrolling former President Donald Trump, but they may not stop there.

YouTube is the latest internet platform to announce they would now ban Trump indefinitely, according to the New York Post. The Google company made the announcement Tuesday, revising the existing suspension the former president’s channel faced since earlier this month.

“In light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, the Donald J. Trump channel will remain suspended,” Ivy Choi,  YouTube spokesperson, said in a statement explaining the decision to cut the former president off from his channel’s nearly 3 million subscribers. “Our teams are staying vigilant and closely monitoring for any new developments.”

This latest effort to cut Trump off from his supporters comes after other Silicon Valley giants have already thrown Trump off of their platforms. Twitter announced it would permanently ban Trump while Facebook maintains it has suspended the former president indefinitely.

All of these actions are supposedly in response to his role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. During a demonstration protesting the Electoral College vote counting, a group of Trump’s supporters broke in and caused damage, destruction, and even death. Although Trump did not incite the attack and condemned their actions, he’s facing impeachment and has been effectively shut out of public life by the internet elite.

Judging from the way other conservatives have also been silenced, it appears this has little to do with Trump’s purported responsibility in the attack on the Capitol, however. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was also banned from Twitter for sharing his theory of possible voter fraud and the problem with the Dominion machines, the UK Daily Mail reported. The longtime Trump supporter has also had many major retail outlets pull his products from store shelves.

The social media platform Parler had its Amazon servers taken offline in the final blow that followed removal of the app from Apple and Google, the New York Times reported. It doesn’t take a conspiratorial mindset to put the pieces together that there’s a concerted effort to silence free speech — at least when it’s coming from the conservative viewpoint.

Platforms like Facebook and Pornhub have been slow to respond to their role in human trafficking and the distribution of materials that depict sex crimes — sometimes of minors — that requires swift and serious action. Yet they spring into action it comes to shutting down viewpoints that oppose their political leanings. There is something very wrong with Silicon Valley and the moguls who fancy themselves the arbiters of truth.

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Don (@guest_1116960)
1 year ago

All the More reason to support TRUMP.

Ramona Anderson (@guest_1117114)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

I agree. If they think we are going to stop supporting Trump, they are only fooling themselves. This sort of thing makes me stronger in my support of Trump.

Nancy (@guest_1117209)
Reply to  Ramona Anderson
1 year ago

We don’t google we use Startpage.com for our homepage and are on Gab.com and will once again be on Parler when they are back up and running. The big Tech Arseholes will soon learn they aren’t needed. I am on FB but 99% of the time use it as a source for info to post on Gab.com

Jane Rininger (@guest_1124399)
Reply to  Nancy
1 year ago

So what do you think of those platforms?

Beverly J Alley (@guest_1117822)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

yes it is. it is thier loss!

Donna (@guest_1119796)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago


Kathy (@guest_1116970)
1 year ago

President Trump was the best President since Ronald Reagan and every sensible American should be loving all he did while in office. He is not perfect, along with every human on earth. NO ONE is perfect, but some are so despicable that they should not believe they are truly humans. That would be the “democrats” who seem to be totally senseless and overflowing with HATE AND ANGER, FOR NO REAL REASON…..except their JEALOUSY. THE LEFT WANTS EVERYTHING WHILE EVERYONE ELSE HAS NOTHING. THE LEFT IS TRYING THEIR BEST TO TOTALLY DESTROY OUR UNITED STATES, THANKS TO THEIR OVERFLOWING HATRED OF ALL OF US.

Jerry Townsley (@guest_1117005)
1 year ago

For all of their OVERFLOWING HATRED OF ALL OF US. There is something very wrong with the Democrats. I say we all ban YouTube, Facebook and Twitter if all of us conservatives stick together indefinitely we will hurt the Silicon Valley giants and put them out of business. If the 3 million Trump subscribers drop all of the support they will have to change their minds.

Virginia Watson Eblen (@guest_1117121)
Reply to  Jerry Townsley
1 year ago

So true.

Bruce (@guest_1117172)
Reply to  Jerry Townsley
1 year ago

DROP EVERY “DAMNED” one of em! I DID! I don’t need their brand of BULL crap, so, done deal!

TB (@guest_1117329)
Reply to  Bruce
1 year ago

I and many others agree with you. However, lets use our brains and use other efforts to foul their plans. We need to put on our “thinking caps”. We need to show those in DC that the average people are more intelligent than what they give us credit for. After all they think we are stupid.

Judith (@guest_1117368)
Reply to  Jerry Townsley
1 year ago

I never logged in any of those….never will….
I only use email to correspond. People have told me that I am not social😏 so be it!!I
You are right we have to band together….Stay TRUE.
No snakes here🐍

Dialene (@guest_1117581)
Reply to  Jerry Townsley
1 year ago

Agreed Jerry. This is all insane.

charlotte wilson (@guest_1117030)
1 year ago

Jerry Townsley I totally agree with you!!!
these democrats need to be shut down and all be remove from office. Biden is the biggest liar and a disgrace to his religion.

Peggy Barton (@guest_1117301)
Reply to  charlotte wilson
1 year ago

Well, he’s not a disgrace to HIS religion, whatever that might be–he’s a disgrace to the one he keeps insisting he adheres to, while trashing many of its important tenets.

DC (@guest_1119143)
Reply to  charlotte wilson
1 year ago

Like the culture that gave you your name, Ivy Choi, you may ban speech, but you can’t stop it. It bubbles up and soon it will drown you.

Bruce (@guest_1117169)
1 year ago

Donald Trump, is banned from U tube, well, I am banned from using U-tube as well! Ban me U-tube! I’ll do so, self imposed! Won’t be much of a problem, ONLY used them, maybe twice, and once I know of, so…Jimmy Crack corn, I DON’T CARE!

James (@guest_1117478)
1 year ago

Is there a problem quoting another president? I am Blocked.

James (@guest_1117483)
1 year ago

what do i have to do to get unblocked?

James (@guest_1117486)
1 year ago

censored this is unconstitutional.

Adriane Gabrenas (@guest_1181649)
1 year ago

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