July 4, 2022

Youngkin pulls ahead of Democrat Terry McAulife in poll days before Virginia election

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin has pulled ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a new poll released just days before the hotly contested election.

The Fox News poll showed Youngkin at 53 percent among likely Virginia voters, with McAuliffe at 45 percent.

The most heated topic in recent weeks has been education. According to the poll, “79 percent of Youngkin supporters are ‘extremely’ interested in the election compared to 69 percent of McAuliffe supporters.”

The poll comes in the wake of massive protests and outrage over numerous events in Virginia schools. Loudoun County school are embroiled in a controversy following a sexual assault case that reportedly was not reported appropriately.

The Department of Justice also sent a recent memo to the FBI following a letter from the National School Board Association that mentioned protesting parents as school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

The NSBA later apologized for its letter, but the controversy led to Attorney General Merrick giving testimony this week before lawmakers during which he refused to apologize or retract his memorandum.

The final days of the campaign will include intense battle, as voters across the Commonwealth State seek a new governor to lead regarding education and other key issues in Virginia.

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