May 26, 2022

Wyoming Republican Party endorses Liz Cheney challenger, final nail in the coffin for Cheney’s Republican support

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has made herself unpopular within her own party. Things may be going from bad to worse now as she eyes reelection.

The Wyoming Republican Party gave its blessing to the Republican National Committee to support challenger Harriet Hageman in her primary bid for Cheney’s House seat, the Washington Examiner reported. Hageman was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Cheney sidled up with Democrats to join the Jan. 6 committee formed to investigate the incursion at the U.S. Capitol. Many see this as a witch hunt against Trump, and Cheney had no qualms about joining the Democrats in their crusade against him using the incident as a political club.

She and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) both sit on the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack, a decision that could turn out to be politically fatal if she loses her chance at reelection. However, Cheney has objected to this calling it “un-American” and an attempt “to play a trick on the voters” by choosing a nominee before the state’s Aug. 16 primary.

The RNC typically bars the national apparatus from monetary contributions to candidates before they become the official nominee via primary or convention. However, that prohibition is waived if the candidate is unopposed, or if three RNC members from the state sign off on the candidates.

That’s exactly what they’ve done in Wyoming to make this change. National Committeeman Corey Steinmetz, National Committeewoman Nina Webber, and Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne have put forth their support for Hageman.

Cheney’s office has strenuously objected to this move. “Frank Eathorne and the other leaders in the Wyoming GOP apparently believe they have the power to anoint our nominee before a single vote has been cast,” her spokesman Jeremy Adler said in a statement. “The right of the people to vote is sacred. This is un-American.”

The congresswoman brought this on herself by her aligning herself with Trump’s enemies time and again. It’s about time the Republican Party sends a message to candidates and politicians that defectors will not be tolerated — especially when they’re in opposition to the will of their own constituents.

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